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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Getting Wireless to Work (proprietary drivers)

    HA! It works. Thank you so much!!! \\:D/
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Getting Wireless to Work (proprietary drivers)

    Done. No out-put:

    andy@andy-desktop:~$ sudo rmmod rt3090sta
    [sudo] password for andy:
    andy@andy-desktop:~$ sudo modprobe rt3090sta
    andy@andy-desktop:~$ rfkill list all
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Getting Wireless to Work (proprietary drivers)

    Hey sorry i was confusing. I had a laptop before that had a broadcom wireless card that worked. Now i'm on a desktop.

    Here's the info requested Joseph:

    andy@andy-desktop:~$ lspci -nn && lsmod...
  4. [SOLVED] Getting Wireless to Work (proprietary drivers)

    Sorry, I know there are dozens of threads titled "no proprietary drivers are in use on this system," but none of them answered my question. Most of them centered around nVidia drivers.

    I just...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems with Flash Player

    oops. Didn't see reasurringlyoffensive's sticky thread. It solved it! finally!! :guitar:
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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Problems with Flash Player

    I have (supposedly) installed Adobe Flash Player. I did the sudo apt-get install flashplayer-nonfree or whatever the command was like that, and it didn't work. I downloaded the tarball from adobe's...
  7. Re: Install ePSXe Playstation Emulator (Version 2)

    WAIT ok now I run it and it goes to the end credits...I have Final Fantasy 8 on ISO and FF7 on CDROM, and both of them, upon launch, show the end credits to the game! what the?
  8. Re: Install ePSXe Playstation Emulator (Version 2)

    I need some more instruction, apparently. I now have ePSXe installed, and I have a bunch of stuff I don't know what to do with in terms of running my games.

    I run Hardy 32.

    I have a game that...
  9. Re: Install ePSXe Playstation Emulator (Version 2)

    HERO STATUS! Thank you so much, I'm a nube and finally you make a guide that works and is easy to follow!! I also had this above problem (" cannot open shared object file: No...
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    pSX trouble

    Well I finally gave up on PCSX because I couldn't get it to read my .iso files.

    Now onto pSX. I installed it according to this guide, and it did not work until I found some old advise in these...
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    [SOLVED] PCSX Headaches

    I installed PCSX Playstation emulator through Ubuntu's Add/Remove Applications. I understand for it to work you must find the PSX BIOS (which I did) and put it in the hidden folder ~./pcsx/bios,...
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