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    [gnome] Re: help with virus detection

    Often it is just your search terms.

    Try thinking outside the box if you get a "you look like a virus" message from Google. I've experienced those before and it has never been due to a malicious...
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    Poll: Re: Archos 605 or Ipod Touch

    iPod Touch all the way~

    lol epic poast on the matter
  3. Poll: Re: What kind of portable audio player do you have?

    I've just asked Father Christmas for an iPod touch and part of me is regretting the choice to be honest.

    Once it's jailbreak'd (jailbroken) I think I'll probably change my mind and I know that my...
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    Re: HOWTO: Apple Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth)

    Yup. Mine is a home-baked affair and it works fine :)
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    Re: Firefox Widgets

    Oh, brilliant. That fixes the problems I had after installing the Gutsy RC :)
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    Re: HOWTO: Apple Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth)

    Ah ha! I've figured it out.

    When you type the --connect command, straight after THAT is when you type the PIN of your choice on the BT keyboard. Then click on the pop-up that appears on your...
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    Re: HOWTO: Apple Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth)

    I'm trying to follow this guide to get my Apple BT keyboard to pair to my Gutsy box, but it won't play ball.

    If I try doing it through the system tray utility, it tell me that the BT address...
  8. [SOLVED] World of Warcraft crashing on exit

    I've installed WoW in Gutsy and am running it through Wine 0.9.45.

    The game runs fine and is playable, but on exit the game crashes and I have to alt-tab into something else to get my desktop...
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    Re: TOP 10: Your Top Ten Packages To Install

    - Pidgin ('cause it's not called gaim anymore, yo)
    - Beryl (what else am I going to use my gfx card for?)
    - VLC (works with less fuss that most)
    - Azureus (bugs an' all)
    - Seahorse (because I...
  10. Thread: Ut2004

    by toasterofirony

    Re: Ut2004

    A quick search of the forums coughed up this thread, which looks like it might be something you're interested in.

    I really can't encourage the forum search function enough, it's helped me out a...
  11. Re: I'm pretty sure I've done something wrong here...

    Okay, so perhaps I was a little hasty, as it seems to be *working* now.

    Hilariously, now the game appears to start, but I can't tell which pass-key it is asking me for in the initial start as no...
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    Re: Game repos

    Remember of course that ROMs are pretty much illegal in most countries.

    A shame, but there we are :(
  13. Re: I'm pretty sure I've done something wrong here...

    Thanks for your suggestion, but no dice, it didn't help :(

    I'm wondering if just reinstalling KDE might sort it out?
  14. I'm pretty sure I've done something wrong here...

    I've just gone through the install and update process for NWN and tried to run it, only to be faced with this error message on typing "./nwn":

    mcop warning: user defined signal handler found for...
  15. Re: What are your biggest criticisms about ubuntu?

    Oh yeah, thats a goody.

    Makes you learn how to navigate by the terminal though ;)
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    Re: Ubuntu = pathetic

    Shame, yo.

    Seeing as several thousand people are using Ubuntu right now and didn't have anything like your problems.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that if Chicago is on the east coast of America, it is...
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    Poll: Re: Opera vs Firefox

    I'm using Flock which is based on Firefox (lots of neat little extras to it, though) but I was horrified that it fails the Acid2 test. I feel dirty, though it doesn't render it as badly as IE on my...
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    Wine vs. WoW-

    Yay! Another thread about WoW!

    Seriously though, I've just downloaded the latest patch (WoW- and it downloads it fine. However, the updater fails to...
  19. Re: Wow has graphical disturbances and lag

    Which version of Wine did you use? And have you looked at this guide? It's worked pretty well for me.
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    Re: Can't access my wine folder/directory

    Just click on "show hidden folders" in the View tab, when using your filebrowser.

    You'll find .wine in your home directory.
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    Of WoW and iptables...

    For my piece of mind, I introduced iptables into the mix following this guide. The problem arose when I tried to play WoW (via Wine). It refused to start. Or rather it claimed to have started when I...
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    Poll: Re: Evolution or Thunderbird?

    Can I change my vote?

    I've been playing about with KDE and ending up using KCal just to keep a track on appointments and the like; but when that went belly up, I went back to gnome and Evolution....
  23. Re: Never WInter Nights the players thread / How many of you play NWN .

    I was mad for NWN and SoU/ HotU when I was a windows user and I keep meaning to install it onto my Ubuntu install, but for the joy of having another game running natively.

    If I did re-install it,...
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    Poll: Re: Evolution or Thunderbird?

    But does that allow "minimise to tray" which is a feature that I really miss.

    That said, I was a Thunderbird user in XP, so I'm a Thunderbird user in Ubuntu. It does pretty much everything I want,...
  25. Re: Stupid question - Why dont we have DirectX?

    Something I'm curious about that tags onto this topic is when certain games (WoW is pretty much all I play at the moment...) have Mac ports, which is based on *nix I believe, why are Linux ports so...
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