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    [ubuntu] Re: Remote Desktop over 100Mb/s Switch Slow

    Cheers for the post.

    I am interested in your second point, how do I accomplish this? Terminal Server Client I guess? When I select the domain and log on, it appears to simply hang :(

    I want to...
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    [ubuntu] Remote Desktop over 100Mb/s Switch Slow

    Hi there,
    I have a connection as follows, and I want to start using remote desktop to connect into my windows laptop via my ubuntu laptop. I downloaded UltraVNC for the laptop and can connect to my...
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    [ubuntu] External HDD Sync


    I have just bought a new WD My Passport 250GB and I already had a ED 250GB My Book. I figured this would be handy for my last year of university to have all my work on the Portable External...
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    [ubuntu] Disk Partitioning and all that jazz


    I have been stupid, i didn't know about Primary, Extended and Logical partitions and cannot now create more than 4 primary partitions on one drive, understandable I guess?


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    [all variants] apt-get no internet

    I am going to follow THIS in order to get my new Belkin F5D7050 V3 working on ubuntu. I deliberately choose this card as I understand the ralink chip set is one of the better supported chipsets in...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Never assume all updates are required

    oh yeah, but I am wondering morea bout the back up and restore commands :)

    On windows to back up and restore my harddrive couldn't be in use and had to use clonezilla, ghost, or something.

  7. [ubuntu] Re: Never assume all updates are required

    Scawn... You know what. No I did alot to my system before the reboot. I was just most scared of the updates because there was so many and I didn't want to read them all so I just installed them all....
  8. [ubuntu] Never assume all updates are required

    Well, I configured my ubuntu got everything working then went to bed. But before I went to bed I clicked on the (down arrow !) button saying there are hundreds of updates available and updated the...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Linux Application(s) (Suites) entirely on USB

    Can I do this with chroot?

    I have been looking around on the internet for ways to do this. I'm sure with linux there must be a way to install something completely independant and on a USB/SD card...
  10. [ubuntu] Linux Application(s) (Suites) entirely on USB

    I have recently got an asus eee and I just want to keep the absolute basics on it such as a web browser, email client, calendar, media player, IM and general office apps (Open Office most likely)....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Minimal

    Well, I have found the mini.iso here It might be nice to put diferent options like this on the getubuntu page because the last place I ever...
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu Minimal

    It may be the case that this has been covered alot on these forums however a search for ubuntu base, ubuntu minimal, ubuntu lite, ubuntu basic, ubuntu clean, ubuntu no applications, etc, etc didn't...
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