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    Re: Resources for learning Linux/Ubuntu

    If I might make a suggestion: A leap often leads to a fatal fall. Using a bridge is a course of action less fraught with danger.

    For your learning period, I would recommend using Ubuntu (or...
  2. Re: How frequently should I discharge my 45Wh Li-polymer laptop battery?

    Was this battery included with the device from the OEM?

    Have you read the OEM's user manual? That would be the best thing. Batteries and charging protocols are usually built into the machine's...
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    [ubuntu] Re: New user. Old Mac. (Is x 10.6.8)

    Moved to Apple Hardware Users.
  4. Thread: Sleep issues

    by QIII

    [ubuntu] Re: Sleep issues

    Please be aware that after 16.04 goes EOL, we will likely close any posts requesting help -- with a note that we would rather the community not be asked to continue to help with an EOL version.
  5. Re: I just want to use my own DNS (AdGuard Home) instead of my ISP DNS...

    Would you care to share the URL of the tutorial so others may benefit?
  6. Thread: Kompozer is back

    by QIII

    Re: Kompozer is back

    Yeah. I'm not sure that website is what one might think ...
  7. Re: I now cannot get back to the forum as my original identity.

    If you tell me which of the usernames you want to have and I associate your SSO login (I will explain "SSO" in a moment) with that Ubuntu Forums user, when you sign in via SSO you will be associated...
  8. Re: I now cannot get back to the forum as my original identity.

    I note that you actually make 5 posts up to a week after the user name had been changed (not merged, as we do not do that).

    That clearly worked. Now that you have apparently modified your SSO...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Vbox 6.1 Black Screen on Startup Ubuntu 20.04

    Threads merged.
  10. Re: Trouble with Wine installation enabling i386 arch

    Moved to its own thread from here.

    Please don't hijack the threads of others. Your issue, while similar in symptoms, may not stem from the same root cause. Hijacking threads quickly causes...
  11. Re: Activation of network connection failed Ubuntu 20.04

    We can't know what you are doing wrong unless you tell us what you are doing.

    Would you please paste the exact command(s) you are entering in the terminal and the results?
  12. Re: Why Doesn’t A Clone Of My Bootable ubuntu Boot?

    The next question was implicit in TheFu's response: did you disconnect the original drive before attempting to boot? Did you alter your BIOS/EFI to attempt to boot first to the cloned drive?
  13. Re: "end kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt"

    Is our machine set to boot BIOS/Legacy or UEFI?

    Did you attempt to install in BIOS/Legacy or UEFI mode -- that is: did you create an EFI boot partition?
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    Re: Username change request

    All set.
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    Re: where is Lubuntu going?

    You seem to have conflated the ideas of "bloated" and "more useful, powerful and feature-rich". "Bloated" indicates more stuff with no benefit.

    Imagine if Ford attempted to sell a 2021 Falcon...
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    Re: hostapd: can not connect


    Please start your own thread and describe your symptoms rather than attempting to raise an old thread from the dead.


  17. [ubuntu] Re: How to turn off USB ports when computer is shut down

    Please post any images here in this thread. Do not send them directly to the requestor.

    Sending diagnostic information directly to other users robs the community of information that might help...
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    [other] Re: Can I use Ubuntu on my windows 10

    What is your understanding of and what do you mean by
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    Re: Username change request

    Your first selection, being a commercial product name, is not one I will change to.

    The others are already used.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Basically, idk what am I doing and I need h

    Do not use the Ubuntu Forums as a political soapbox. Clear?
  21. Re: what do you think about the politicization of mozilla. since when it is like that

    Please note the Ubuntu Forums Rules, in particular:

    By "discussion of the politics of open source", we mean discussion of the opinions of different groups of people involved in open source --...
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    [SOLVED] Re: replace MInt with Ubuntu

    No reason at all. But there is no guarantee that you won't have the same problem.

    Have you asked for help in our MINT sub-forum?
  23. Re: Please help: Strange problem installing Ubuntu

    Dell is an ally of Linux, and in particular Ubuntu.

    I would recommend reading through some of Dell's documentation here, which specifically outlines dual booting, to see if you can find any...
  24. Re: Please help: Strange problem installing Ubuntu

    jeffjot ... If you ask that, then I'm not sure what you think everyone here is helping you to do.

    I started doing this computer thing in the 70s -- before Windows was a thing. Micro Soft (which...
  25. Re: Please help: Strange problem installing Ubuntu

    Actually, that is possible. There are models of computers that are specifically set up to make sure only Windows can be installed.

    What is the OEM, the model and what are the specs?
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