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    [ubuntu] Re: Cannot connect to my ubuntu server

    If you have a dual-boot then when you're running Windows you aren't running Ubuntu therefore nothing to connect to.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Fresh install... saving info for Chrome

    Yes, your file is correct. It's for any 64-bit machine, AMD or Intel.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Fresh install... saving info for Chrome

    It depends.
    If it has a supported file system and you're comfortable with it then I would say no, you don't.


    If she's using one Google service - any will do - then all she needs...
  4. Re: I can't change the brightness of my screen

    No, not really.

    With hardware specifications and OS, perhaps.
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    Re: Install Ubuntu Desktop

    Any Pentium 4 is 32-bit.

    Yes, it has little to nothing to do with the actual internet connection/service.

    No currently supported Windows version works with so little RAM.
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    Re: Boot problem


    Some information about your hardware, OS and exactly what you are trying to do would have been nice. We don't have the power of clairvoyance.
    That said, "ESC" and "F9" strongly suggests...
  7. [lubuntu] Re: Help with Chicago95 package installation
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 problems after installation

    Please post the hardware specifications.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Fonts Program Not Showing Previews

    IF you need additional proprietary drivers that aren't installed already the release upgrade won't install them.

    Please post the new hardware specifications with special attention to the...
  10. [all variants] Re: Record headphone output through mic input

    combined mic input/headphone output jack requires a "Y" split adapter.
  11. [ubuntu] Re: I'm in trouble with the ubuntu upgrade

    Please try (assuming you're still with root console):

    apt update && apt full-upgrade
    then try again
  12. Re: Running Ubuntu from flash drive can't get printer to work

    It is possible but won't survive a reboot/shutdown (unless the live session has persistence).
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Linux 20.04 - uninstall Cheese, Rhythmbox, Gnome videos?

    Yes, but there's no need to install an additional complex frontend to the package manager when you can simulate any such operation just by adding a "-s" argument.
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    Re: Guest Addition install problam

    Why what is happening?
    Installing from the Virtualbox's own ISO needs to be done as described in the link. The ISO mounted when "insert" is issued contains software for different OSes. You shouldn't...
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    Re: Affordable home printing

    In the long run monochrome laser printers are the cheapest option.
  16. [SOLVED] Re: Dependencies - Conditional Dependencies

    APT uses online repositories for checking, downloading and installing software.
    No old versions (and dependencies) are kept in the same repository.
  17. Re: Install 20 on new Mac usb c fails at Grub step

    Linux can't be installed in FAT partitions, that step was unnecessary. Ideally you should have unallocated space, no partitions or file systems, the installer should then create all the required...
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    Re: Guest Addition install problam

    You can do it the hard way or install from the repositories:

    sudo apt install virtualbox-guest-dkms
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    Re: Poor gaming performance

    And an older but much better CPU, double the RAM and much faster and, of course, Windows.
    In a nutshell, the Youtuber's hardware would be reasonable for the game in Linux and the OP's barely enough...
  20. Re: can I run this userscript with Firefox using a bash script?

    It updates itself automatically and will show a green dot overlay in the "hamburger" menu. When you click the menu it will say restart Firefox to install updates.
    There should be no difference...
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    Re: amd dgpu poor performance

    Indeed, but not for the OP's card.
    There are currently two open-source drivers for AMD graphics: Radeon and amgpu. The Ubuntu installer chooses the correct driver depending on the hardware. Older...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Apple keyboard

    Enable Legacy USB support in UEFI.
    Some other settings may play a part also.
    The firmware itself may need an update, if released.

    Other than firmware settings there's nothing else to do. Not...
  23. Re: Install 20 on new Mac usb c fails at Grub step

    Have you done manual partitioning? If so, have you selected the ESP (EFI System Partition) as well?
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    Re: Poor gaming performance

    Granted, they do need better hardware for gaming, any gaming, but saying they need "at least a GT1030 to play on low settings" is utterly ridiculous.

    CS:GO system requirements (Linux):

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    Re: amd dgpu poor performance


    You won't find any for Intel or AMD graphics.

    You found the old and currently unsupported AMD proprietary drivers from 2015!
    Even if they could be installed - they can't - you...
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