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  1. [ubuntu] Re: run i3wm next to Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME 3 desktop manager

    Yes. Install i3. then on login, you can choose i3 using the cog wheel.
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    Re: Files gone from USB after unmounting

    Make sure your file system is healthy and consistent in the first place before copying files to it. Ubuntu works perfectly fine with an error free fat32 file system. The issues you see may have been...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Video Editor - Multi Rotate (FF)

    A simple linear editor like Avidemux can do that. You will have to split your video, process the sections you want separately and make sure they end up being in the same format again as the unchanged...
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    Re: Click and drag not working

    Different people have different habits. I do not use desktop icons at all because they are always hidden. Other users may only have some launchers there. It is the people that very actively use their...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Gnome search can not be configured: Ubuntu 20.04

    You could consider this a bug, but I think the reason is that these files you excluded from search are still present in the tracker index. That is not changed by changing the search preferences. The...
  6. Re: rsynce drive is 12TB but the drives = 11.5 12TB is almost full.

    Use the --delete option to delete files in the destination that do not anymore exist in the source. The data in "human" format may introduce rounding. The space effectively occupied (i.e. per whole...
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    Re: Gapless CD player

    Audacious is one of the very few Linux players that properly supports gapless, including for lame encoded mp3.
  8. Re: Customize the application grid in Ubuntu 20.04

    Just some thaughts

    1) I am surprised to learn this. It would be good to post a screen shot. Typically, applications are in a wide grid covering 2/3 of the screen width, with plenty of space...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Root Files App Name in 19.10

    A build-in supported way in standard Ubuntu to perform operations with root permissions, is using the admin:// URL.

    To open the file manager in the root folder "/":
    nautilus admin:///

    To open...
  10. Re: Fix fan noise in new Dell XPS 13 7390 DE...?

    Check the output of "top" while the fan is spinning high. That must correspond with periods of high CPU use.
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Change aspect ratio of screen from 16:9 to 16:10?

    The 16:10 resolution indeed should normally be available. You may want to try adding your custom resolution according to...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: disable touchpad while using keyboard (gsettings not working)

    It may be enough to disable "tap-to-click", and then, you can use following script and bind it to a hotkey:

    STATUS=$(gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad...
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    Re: Folder Redirection

    Symlinks will do it here, and are the most simple approach. You can, however, achieve this at a deeper level in the system with a "mount bind". This mounts the new folder onto a folder.
  14. Re: How to right-click with right-click disabled

    If on a laptop, could have been a combination of the "Fn" key and the "Menu" key, which for me coincides with the right "Ctrl" key. In many applications, "Shift+F10" does the same. Beware that that...
  15. Re: activities bar and title bar on the wrong display

    In standard Ubuntu, go to Settings, Displays. With the "Join Displays" active (i.e. different content on the two screens), change the "Primary Display" setting to the monitor where you want the Gnome...
  16. Thread: Apps

    by vanadium

    [ubuntu] Re: Apps

    Right-click the .appimage file in your file manager, then choose "Properties". On the "Permissions" tab, check the box "Allow executing file as a program". Now double-click the .appimage file and the...
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    Re: Migrate from 18.04 to xfce?

    I ran Ubuntu Desktop and Xubuntu desktop besides each other without any problems, i.e., installing the full xubuntu-desktop on an Ubuntu. I subsequently removed Xubuntu again, but kept the Plymouth...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Mark Downloads folder to a HDD

    The most easy and safe way to do this (no root permissions needed) is to delete your Downloads directory, then replace it by a symbolic link that points to the Downloads folder on the drive you want...
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    Re: best software for graphics designing?

    "Best" is opinion based. Inkscape is a valid suggestion designed to do what you want.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Create shortcuts without going through the Terminal

    "Shortcuts" and "links" are two different things. "Shortcuts" are text files with the .desktop extension that execute an application, or also can open a file in an application. "Links" are, as ...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Desktop Icons Rearranged Every New Addition

    Is this happening on 19.10, 18.04 LTS or 18.04 Lubuntu?
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Move installation directory to another HDD

    Linux allows you to use the hard drives anyway you want. To make it simple, the installer by default will either use the entire drive or free space reclaimed from a Windows partition or existing...
  23. Re: remapped keyboard by xmodmap not start automatically

    You could try whether introducing a little delay may help, e.g. "sleep 3 && xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap" to have a 3 second delay before xmodmap is executed. Alternatively, try whether using the autostart...
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    Re: Video Editing Tools

    Did you try KDEnlive? It shows the wave form of an audio track.
  25. [UbuntuGnome] Re: image browser to open multiple windows

    [/quote] - Eye Of Gnome/MATE using --new-instance in a for loop: but it opens a new window only when I close another.[/quote]
    Have each instance spawn in the backgroud by appending the command with...
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