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    Re: Can I get windows or my files back?

    Note: Never click 'yes', 'continue', 'submit', press the 'enter button' in a terminal window, etc. without knowing exactly how the computer is going to interpret the input. Always keep current...
  2. Re: [Lubuntu] First time Linux user; having troubling booting on an old machine

    Along with nomodeset, as bashing mentioned above, there's 'noapic' that can be selected during the boot process for a live USB. I've seen adding that option get rid of similar installation issues.
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Computer completely hangs while watching Youtube

    This might be easier than you think.

    Open the affected browsers, navigate to their settings page, and check to see if "Hardware Acceleration" is enabled.

    If it is enabled, disable it and...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Simple voice recording on ubuntu

    2nd vote for Audacity. It's trivial to learn and use, but has great capabilities. It's small enough for making quick voice recordings. It's already in the repo and can be installed with apt.

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    Re: Ubuntu 18 aesthetics

    It's where they store stuff like the descriptor, master file tables, logs, and stuff like that. So, the space isn't available for you.

    That's my understanding.
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    Re: what is your flavor?

    I am not a fan of LXQT. So, when 18.04 goes EOL, I'll sign up for the extended support. I'll ride that train for as long as I can, and then I'll make the switch. There are other distros with LXDE and...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Do I miss something if I only use Ubuntu instead of Windows?

    I haven't needed to use Windows since around 2007. I'm pretty grateful for that. I miss out on nothing and can accomplish all my goals easily (usually more easily) with Linux.
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    [ubuntu] Re: internal network up, internet down.

    I'll toss this into the mix, as it may help.

    I've found NordVPN flaky at times. I'll lose my connection to the outside world, disconnect NordVPN with 'nordvpn d', and all is well. I reconnect and...
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    Re: Image converter program.

    If you're interested in XnConvert, you can also just get XnViewMP and it has batch processing. It's closed source, but free for personal use (as mentioned above). I use it frequently and it actually...
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    Re: Wireguard at home question

    In many ways, it will be similar. It won't have various end-points and your public IP address will be that of the server at your home. This negates a lot of the reasons people use an VPN for, but it...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Jack - suddenly lost sound from my browser.

    I forget how, but they like it if you mark the thread solved.

    Glad you got it sorted - and many sound issues can be resolved by poking around in pavucontrol. In my experience, adding JACK to the...
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    Re: what is your flavor?

    Lubuntu. I have modern hardware, but I like the simplicity and versatility.
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Jack - suddenly lost sound from my browser.

    I'd run "pavucontrol" and check to see if anything is muted. If it's not installed, install it with "sudo apt install pavucontrol".
  14. [ubuntu] Re: 20.04 LTS installed - Have questions to prep for Halium development

    > My concern is first with determining the correct packages to upgrade/update then performing the process.

    Concerning the above, unless you have a very good reason, update all the files. So, just...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: How to boot with non-responding keyboard at the password prompt

    The other day, to help someone's confidence level, I remarked that we'd all lost data before and that it was a chance to learn something new, like good backup practices.

    Today, I'm not sure it's a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: usb drive becomes read only

    Not too long ago, I had the same issue. I spent hours on it and concluded that it was actually dead. Some USB thumb drives/storage devices will put themselves in 'read-only' mode when they become...
  17. Re: looking for free web email provider alternative to gmail

    If you don't mind the Russians, Yandex has free email hosting for your own domain. It's quite robust and IIRC it's "unlimited" in many ways - like account numbers and disk space.
  18. Re: What did I do? Was running fine but no no boot "error no such partition"

    I once cost my own company tens of thousands of dollars by losing data. That's not the worst. The worst was of little dollar value and was a bunch of personal files - including photographs.

  19. Re: What did I do? Was running fine but no no boot "error no such partition"

    Pretty much everyone hoses a pile of data at one point. Everyone here (probably) has done similar.

    The important thing is to use this as a learning experience. Learn good backup strategy and never...
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    Re: Ubuntu Cinnamon?

    By the way, if you want to know if AppArmor is installed just run "apparmor_status" from the terminal. If you run it with elevated permission, you can see how it is configured.
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    How To Make A Dock With LXPanel

    How To Make A Dock With LXPanel!

    It's actually pretty easy to make your own dock with LXPanel, it has the ability to do so built right in. It's not too difficult, takes only a little time. When...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Any practical difference between 18.04 & 20.04

    Once booted, it probably was faster. The live instance is running from RAM and not loading anything from your hard drive. So, once the OS (and apps that you opened) are in RAM, they'll run faster...
  23. Re: Best 1:1 Disc copy method from pc1 to pc2?

    I use Acronis True Image. Clonezilla works if the new drive is as large - or larger - than the source drive. There are workarounds so that you can move your data to smaller drives, as well.

    If the...
  24. Re: For how long are you using your External HDD ? Which brand is it ?

    I have a couple of 1 tb WD drives that must be 10 years old by now. One has a couple hundred sectors gone bad - but it has been at that level for years.

    They get used fairly often - but are old...
  25. Re: looking for free web email provider alternative to gmail

    Your webhosting will come with Squirrel or RoundCube webmail, usually. Those are passable interfaces for webmail. They're straightforward, with sensible layouts and no real learning curve. You'll...
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