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    Re: Ventrilo With Wine GSM 6.10

    Thanks for this post. I had to fix GSM on my Ubuntu install and I just took from this file and tried something.

    I went to my windows boot partition and copied the msgsm32.acm file out of the...
  2. [ubuntu] Adaptec 1210SA raid card raid 1 drives working as 2

    The above is from the archive:

    It doesn't look like it was ever answered and now I am running into this same issue with Ubuntu 8.10.

    Any ideas?
  3. Re: HOWTO run an ssh server without a static IP address

    Great tips here, however I am having an issue with the python script. It works when I make sure it's chmod a+x and I type ./ but it will not fire off hourly when it is in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: WORKAROUND: Setting Static IP 8.10

    Thanks for this post. I have one question. Can you post the steps needed to reinstall the gnome network manager in case I want to go back to it?

    Thank you.
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