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  1. [ubuntu] problems with the refresh of the screen after update current Ubuntu LTS

    After update my Ubuntu LTS, I'm having problem with the refresh of the screen, when I switch between windows I get a kind of delay in the refresh, if I'm working with the gnome-terminal and I do a...
  2. [ubuntu] display the usage of RAM sorted by processes

    Hi, is there a way to display the usage of RAM sorted by processes? I have 2 GB and last week I start to use a new package (Eclipse), several times I ran out of RAM so I would like to see what is...
  3. remove or add characters from a text line based on a pattern

    Hi, I have a text file with at least 5000 rows, I need to match several kind of patterns such as:

    Remove operations:

    1. [string]+[number]|[number]|[number]+[symbol], examples: File1=, File14=,...
  4. [ubuntu] I can't start the X after a forced shutdown

    Hi, I was downloading some files but I forgot to connect my laptop to the AC, so when it ran out of battery it turned off, when I tried to turn it on I got the log in welcome page ( where I can...
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    [ubuntu] Re: repositories for chrubuntu

    well this time I could update my apt-get and also I could download all the necessary package, so the first questios is solved, but i would like some help with the other ones.

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    [ubuntu] repositories for chrubuntu

    Hi, I'm using chrubuntu on my samsung arm chromebook, almost all works great, but I have these questions:

    1. can I use any repository in my chrubuntu? for example the repos for ubuntu 12.04?...
  7. [ubuntu] load the wireless driver in the startup process

    hi, my ubuntu 12.04 at startup process is always looking for a wired network connection trough eth0 card, this process takes like 3 minutes, at this time my wireless card is not up and running, so,...
  8. [ubuntu] allow two users to read/write files and folders to an specific folder

    hi, I want to allow two users to read/write privileges to an specific files and folders, currently the owner of the dir is "user1.user1", so, I add the user "user2" the "user1 group" with this...
  9. [ubuntu] change the owner of an entire dir with files and subdirectories

    hi, I had unzipped an file that using the root account, the unzipped result was a main directory that has several files and subdirs, i waht to change the owner to my user account, i use this comand:...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: accessing to DB systems installed in 2 servers

    in fact we have a good firewall, cisco routers, layer 3 switches all some kind of network stuff, in fact the network administrator is kind of lazy, i had more than a month with this problem and I'm...
  11. [ubuntu] accessing to DB systems installed in 2 servers

    Hi, I have one single public IP, I have a Database System that is published in the web using this public Ip in a pc that I call server1. Now I need to publish in the web additional software, these...
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    [SOLVED] Re: some log file for cronjob failed

    the way I did is to test my main lines outside the sh files, once it was tested I schedule i a cron job, at this time I don't if failed cron jobs are logged in some file
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    [SOLVED] some log file for cronjob failed

    Hi, I setup a cronjob in my server but it does not worked, in fact, the result file was not created so i assume the cronjob was not triggered, so my question is:
    is there any log file or someelse...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: forensic analysis to identified an OS problem

    I want to add this comment: my network is a mixed environment, in the IT department all pcs work with ubuntu, it's a weird thing that all these machines have the same problem: can't get ip address;...
  15. [ubuntu] forensic analysis to identified an OS problem

    Hi, I'm using ubuntu precise in my laptop, this day to startup it I could not acquire ip addressing, using my ethernet card or wireless, I check if those devices were up and everything was ok, just I...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: startup process always looking for wired network

    # The loopback network interface
    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback

    # The primary network interface
    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet dhcp
  17. [ubuntu] startup process always looking for wired network

    Hi, I've recently installed ubuntu precise, the installation and update process was done using my wired network connection; after config my wireless card, eveytime i start my pc if the wired...
  18. [ubuntu] ubuntu precise boot process is always looking for wired network

    Hi, after install ubuntu precise pangolin, each time I start my pc it always looking for wired network connection, so if there is no cabled plug to my eth0 the boot process delays up to 4 minutes, so...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: network manage applet does not show in precise

    yes, but the network manager applet shows in the desktop only if the network cable is plugged to the ethernet card, for example if i want to see what other access point are reachable i have to do it...
  20. [ubuntu] network manage applet does not show in precise

    Hi, I installed ubuntu precise using my wired network connection, after all the installation I had set-up my wireless network, and it works, but everytime I start ubuntu it always look for my wired...
  21. [ubuntu] open source software to schedule and follow work activities

    Hi, i'm looking for an open source software that can help to my IT department to schedule, assign workers and follow and evaluate work activities, the objetive is to manage activities, worker in...
  22. [ubuntu] discovering why my server is slowly

    Hi, I have an ubuntu server running a LAMP app since april, everything was fine, but 2 weeks ago the server response is everyday slower, in highest traffic hours the connection to the app and the ssh...
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    [ubuntu] set up a cron job and notify to email

    Hi, i need to setup a cron job, the objectie is to backup my database everynight at 10 pm, with this command:

    mysqldump -p --user=itsme database1 > database1+curdate.sql

    then if the...
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    [lubuntu] configure proxy from command line

    Hi, I need to configure a proxy in lubuntu 11.10 from command line, I've tried to configure these lines in /etc/enviroment:

    export http_proxy="http://user:password@ip:port"
  25. [lubuntu] Re: initramfs problem from a fresh install

    So, checking again and again the installation process I found something, here it is the scenario

    - iso file: lubuntu 11.10-desktop-i386
    -unetbootin used by put the iso in my usb
    -booting from my...
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