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  1. Re: I've never had problems with upgrading. What about you?

    I've always just done LTS-LTS upgrades, since LTS is more stable for me, and I don't like only having 9 months of support on non-LTS releases.
  2. I've never had problems with upgrading. What about you?

    In the last 2 years I have gone from a lot of distributions, but decided to huck my Ubuntu 12.04 disc onto my new laptop. After that I upgrade to 14.04 without problems. But this isn't just this...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Does 13.10 have full support for radeon 7750 GPUs

    What do you mean by "Full Support?" Also keep in mind that ATI Binary Drivers tend to break X11, a lot more than NVidia or Intel drivers. Unless you want to do major gaming, I'd stick to the open...
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    Re: Ubuntu 13.10 Review

    I might try this on my Windows 8 box, because for some stupid reason 12.04 doesn't like the UEFI BIOS, on my Windows 8 box...

    However I generally avoid non-LTS releases, because I need my system...
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    I'm back to running Ubuntu

    If you don't remember me, I wasn't ever on here. I had a free day today so I did an install of Ubuntu 12.04 to my system in a dual boot with Windows 7.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity Laggy Ubuntu 11.10

    One of the main reasons unity is laggy is because it uses Compiz. The problem with that is, Compiz hasn't been in development for months or maybe even years. Which is why GNOME 3 disabled the ability...
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    Re: Getting WiFi to work on Joli OS 1.2

    Try downloading the latest kernel from Ubuntu's package website. (Using Ethernet of course.) and go from there. If you get stuck spatry has a video on upgrading the kernel on Ubuntu based systems...
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