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  1. [gnome] Re: Patch to add "up" and "home" buttons to Nautilus toolbar

    Why does downloading the text attachements requires you to log on?!? ](*,)

    Also, the necessity of having to redo your tweaks all over again every time a new (security) patch comes out (which is...
  2. [ubuntu] Fresh 12.04 installation and noticed worrysome outbound connections

    I just installed 12.04 Pangolin and was a bit worried. The following domain connections are made:
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    [ubuntu] How do disable libgweather?

    Does anybody know how libgweather module can be disabled without disabling the whole Ubuntu GUI. Libgweather seems to be entrenched in Ubuntu while I donít see any reason why this should be the case...
  4. Letter spacing problem for azerty keyboard users

    Recently I wanted to do some horizontal character spacing with Inkscape but it appeared impossible.

    There is no menu entry to do that (you can only do line spacing). There are only short-cuts a...
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