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  1. [ubuntu] Re: My mouse and keyboard are not working(in Ubuntu 10.04)

    Only thing that worked fine (at least i can type and use my mouse) is under ubuntu 10.04 recovery mode (choose option from grub menu when pc starts) and then from the options given choose low...
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    Re: ALSA Upgrade Script

    thanx for the script

    worked perfect on my ACER 7720G/ Ubuntu 8.10

    solved my problem with the internal mic. now i can sound record, use skype etc

    greetings from greece

  3. Re: Howto: Simple kernel upgrade (Feisty or Edgy) to Gutsy's developing kernel.

    great nfo
    worked fine on my pc
    running ubuntu feisty
    pc details:
    fujitsu siemens laptop
    cpu pentium 4 3,2
    1024 ram
    120 g hard drive
    ati mobility radeon graphics card 64mb
    dual boot...
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