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  1. Poll: Re: Should I upgrade my ubuntu desktop version from 18.04 to 20.04 ?

    Ubuntu 18.04 reaches End of Life April 2023. So, there is no rush. To upgrade or not upgrade is a personal decision. If you are happy with what you have now, then stick with it until nearer the End...
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    Re: Gmail - Google

    How did the app named google pass Google's data protection policy?

    This is an organisation that has not been slow to profit from users data.

  3. Re: What are the chances of seeing more ARM support? Hardware and software?

    All things are possible but do not hold your breath waiting for all things to happen.

    Do not forget that ARM do not make computer chips. They design them to a customer's specification. Apple Corp...
  4. Re: Can vendors get a look into what is changing in upcoming Kernel updates?

    I think that you are talking about a Changelog

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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu blue screen error

    I am not sure if Wubiuefi would be supported by this forum as it is not official Ubuntu code. But this site might help. If that is were you got the code from
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    Re: Kernel version Question?

    This forum has a Ubuntu development version section where those experimenting with the very latest kernels exchange comments. Those brave people have already moved on to 5.8
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Unallocated space unable to use

    Excuse me, but where is this unallocated space? If it is in a partition then you need to shrink that partition and expand another partition to include the unallocated space. You may need to move...
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    Re: Errors using apt-get install

    I would like to confirm that you are using Xubuntu 16.04. The version of Zoom Client on the Zoom web site is for Ubuntu 14.04. That could be the cause of the problem. I installed that version of Zoom...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: setting short password not in the terminal - is it possible?

    We can change a user password in System Settings>Users. Whether it will allow a password less than 6 characters is another matter.

  10. Re: Linux Mint ditches Snap and Snapd

    That is what is most likely to happen but it is not intentional. There are some distributions that are commercial enterprises. Whether the people running those commercial organizations have a master...
  11. Re: Linux Mint ditches Snap and Snapd

    You are entitled to your opinion. Of course you are. I do not see any evidence for this accusation. But then again I have only been using Ubuntu for more than a decade. What do I know?

    Using a...
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    Re: Size of swap directory

    The evidence is hard to find but I remember talk of Ubuntu switching to swap files instead of swap partitions for new installations of Ubuntu. An already existing installation that is using a swap...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: autoremove deletes keyboard driver, cannot write login password

    Ubuntu does have a recovery mode. You may be able to access it if you see a Grub boot menu. Which we will not see if Ubuntu is the only OS. So, here is the way to call it up.
  14. Re: Trouble Installing gnome-tweaks

    It looks like a GUI but actually it is made up of text characters. It is not clickable. Use tab to select OK and then press Enter. These terminal dialogues go back to the days before there were...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: BCM4318 Wi-Fi Issue with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    Not knowing what you have tried, we risk suggesting what you have already tried. With that in mind ...

    1) Is this a laptop?
    2) Does it have Windows installed?

    It sometimes happens that if...
  16. Re: GoboLinux - Better system directories

    Getting Linux developers to agree on any thing must be like herding cats! The GoboLinux way of doing things sounds a lot like the Microsoft method. And that would send Linux developers running to the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity, 18.04

    What are you looking for? On the login screen to the left of the password panel there should be an icon. Clicking on that should bring up a drop down menu listing desktop options. You should see...
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    Re: I dont understand

    I think I am correct in saying that when we run a live session (Try, not install) we are running an OS using free and open source software only. This applies to hardware drivers as well as other...
  19. Re: The Inherent Dangers of Abandonware IoT Devices

    In the European Union there is the WEEE legislation. Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment.

    The company that sold the equipment should have a scheme to allow the buyer to return the product...
  20. Re: I cannot reboot my computer, when i try to i only see a black screen

    Do you have the Lenovo instruction manual? Does it tell you about the novo button and its location? From a video I just watched about the G510 the novo button or pinhole is a small hole in the left...
  21. Re: My Strategy With Ubuntu Going Forward

    Please keep in mind that Ubuntu is not only Ubuntu. There are official flavours built on Ubuntu that use less resources than Ubuntu does with Gnome shell as the desktop user interface. Investigate...
  22. Re: The Inherent Dangers of Abandonware IoT Devices

    Planned obsolescence has been around for many decades. If we believe the American movie industry there are alien races right now scheming to invade earth because they have used up all the precious...
  23. [lubuntu] Re: Anydesk install in 20.04 64bit on a Pi 4

    Are you trying to install Anydesk on the raspberry PI 4? I am guessing that if you want the Raspberry Pi version of Anydesk on the Raspberry Pi then you would need to be running Raspbian OS on the...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: No Wifi adapter found, Ubuntu 20.04, Lenovo I deapad 320 15IKB

    I do not think that I can help much. The good news is that rfkill reports

    This usually means that the wireless adapter is not switched off by software in the OS or by some switch on the...
  25. Re: Swapping Linux Flavour In A Dual Boot System

    If I understand the original post correctly, then the original poster has Windows 7 (possibly BIOS install) on a hard drive and Lubuntu on a SSD. He (or she) wants to remove the SSD and replace it...
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