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    [all variants] sync folder via FTP at start up

    I have a shared FTP space on a web server. I have files there that I want to sync to an ubuntu client at boot up. I need to know first off if I should or can do this with the simple FTP comand like
  2. Re: ubuntu 10.04 create a shared sftp folder read only

    that "no other way in" is what makes me nervous. SSH is all I have , no other access
  3. ubuntu 10.04 create a shared sftp folder read only

    I have an ubuntu 10.04 server. I want to create a shared space accessible as read only by multiple uusers over sftp.

    users should not be able to see anything other than the shared read only folder...
  4. Re: command to shut down multiple servers on one UPS

    You can also use NUT. I have one UPS with a UPS port that connects to an Apple TV (via USB) running ubuntu (variant) . That apple TV is a NUT server. When the UPS is on battery the UPS Sends...
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    NUT Client and server questions

    I have been considering installing NUT client and server but as I am not even sure it will do what I want, I had hoped to find some answers here

    1 I have an Apple TV 1 running Crystalbuntu2 (based...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Never installed kernel keeps giving errors initramfs

    I solved this with

    sudo update-initramfs -d -k 3.14.2-amdfixes5+


    -d delete

    - k <version>
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Never installed kernel keeps giving errors initramfs

    at this point I have copied the image and borked it in several ways several times, including dist-upgrade. The kernel referenced is a testing version if I am not mistaken which I am certain have...
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    Re: Can I include a file infstab?

    To explain it most simply , My goal is to create a file in a userspace with mounts to mount at startup. This file could be modded by me or any user actually.

    I just want to know if I can put an...
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    Can I include a file infstab?

    I want to know if I can include an external file in fstab and what is the syntax to do that?
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Never installed kernel keeps giving errors initramfs

    Did that last night before posting and agan just now seems to want to remove linux-headers-generic, not sure why
  11. [SOLVED] Never installed kernel keeps giving errors initramfs

    I keep seeing this error when using update-initramfs , although I have never installed the kernel mentioned, as mine are 3.13.x:

    WARNING: missing /lib/modules/3.14.2-amdfixes5+
    Device driver...
  12. Samsung ML 2510 Prints off center in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Variants

    I was gifted a Samsung ML-2510 Laser printer today after the previous owner had a roller failure. After replacing the roller I now have a beautiful printer with several new cartridges. It prints...
  13. Re: Ubuntu 12.04 mistakenly recognizes 50" tv for a 7" device with hdmi

    I have ran into this before on some boards. I think the trick is to disable the LVDS port and maybe you can do that in BIOS but may have to do that from software. It was over a year ago I ran into...
  14. Re: htpc compatible with ubuntu 12.04 and ubuntu 14.04

    I wanted to share a great find here. This is much smaller than Mini ITX, in fact similar to NUC but maybe smaller still?? I bought one of these and was impressed with the HD2000 Performance with the...
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    [lubuntu] Making some dialogs bigger

    I have installed lubuntu 14.04 and need to make some dialogs bigger. I an easily enough change the lower bar and text size of desktop icons, but what I need to change still are:

    1 Desktop icon...
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    Re: how can I mount NFS Share as root?

    Thanks I finally figured out another work-around that I think is working.

    I ran the program as root on the client system and so far so good.

    I question the implications of root:users but...
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    Re: how can I mount NFS Share as root?

    Thanks to all of you. My current scenario is like this. I have an app running as "root" on server. I can not change this. I have a similar app running under user space on client. They share all data...
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    how can I mount NFS Share as root?

    I want to set up an NFS share i ubuntu 12.04 and mount it from a client as root. To be clear, I need apps not running as root on client machine to be able to write files so that the owner will...
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    NFS mounting, Permissions/user issue

    Hello, I have been running Crystalbuntu (slimmed down ubuntu 12.04 for Apple TV 1 with XBMC) . Since xbmc runs as "root" user , files written by xbmc have owner root. I want to be able to maintain...
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    [ubuntu] CUPS prints composite black

    I have set up a CUPS print server, and have noted that it is obvious to see that printing via samba or IPP/Bonjour from windows clients, I get dark brown composite black (CMY mix) as opposed to black...
  21. [ubuntu] chmod of symlink to NTFS volume for multi-boot systm

    I am actually using Mint 14 cinnamon but as these forums are more active, I am looking for an answer wherever I can

    I have finaly set up my dream multi Boot Win7/OSX/Mint system with one...
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    [ubuntu] CUPS 1.61 with no authenication

    I have been working with CUPS 1.61 and have got the WIndows Point n print printing running fine however I have issues with nn authenticated CUPS printing. One machine has a CUPS virtual PDF printer...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: How to Turn OFF Laptop LCD monitor (LVDS)?? HELP

    I have an Asus Mini ITX with Built in LVDS port, abd no way to disable in BIOS. WHen I ran Linux Mint 10 (ubuntu 10.10) I only had to turn off the LVDS in the Gnome setings. However with Linux Mint...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Crystal HD driver install in 12.04 Precise

    I installed from repos for Apple TV and it works "most" of the time. I had previously tried to install from source and had some ssues I think it was with documetation of "patches" .

    Sometimes I...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: push windows drivers with Samba and CUPS 1.61

    Answering my own post for archival purposes

    Here is the magic cups smb command
    (as root)

    cupsaddsmb -H localhost -U root -h localhost -a -v

    Make sure that root is defined with write...
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