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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Libreoffice freezes entire system when using Classic desktop - 11.04

    I'm going to see if I can figure out which Compiz plugin is causing this. Running LibreOffice from a default Compiz configuration (as the post above mentioned) works fine, but after enabling a few...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Printer Drivers...we need help from Kodak

    Thank you very much, you prevented me from having to return this printer. We should get this driver into the repositories.
  3. [ubuntu] Touchpad Detected as Mouse on Sager NP8690, Scrolling Not Working

    Hi folks,

    Just got a new Sager NP8690 laptop and installed Ubuntu Karmic on it. Upon installation, I was unable to use the scrolling on the touchpad at all.

    The Preference -> Mouse dialog did...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Fatal error: Class 'SQLite3' not found in....

    Note that this doesn't actually get PHP to load the extension, so once you've compiled the SQLite3 extension as shown above:

    cd /etc/php5/conf.d
    sudo nano sqlite3.ini

    ...and insert this into...
  5. Re: Please Help me find easy-to-use Sega Genesis/megadrive Emulator

    FYI, the 32-bit .deb available at their site works on 64-bit with getlibs and a forced install.
  6. Re: Howto Install 32 bit Firefox with Flash w/sound and Java for AMD64

    I'm having the same issue as fooballz; the only thing that shows up in about:plugins is the default plugin; no more Flash or Java. The addons all seem to still work though, oddly.
  7. Re: Howto Install 32 bit Firefox with Flash w/sound and Java for AMD64

    Just in case it helps anyone else, I was only able to get sound in Flash working in FF32 when I edited the script to download and install Flash 10 instead of Flash 9 (likely because I had Flash 10 in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Banking Site is very slow

    I never realized that this was specific to Linux. I'm on Intrepid AMD64 and having the same issue. It always seemed to me like a server problem, since the delay seems to happen in loading and not...
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