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    [other] Re: GXinput - GUI for XInput settings

    Looks like a neat program, jolund. Any plans to add configuration options for the fancy new pointer acceleration code in X Server 1.6 (>=Jaunty)?

    I'd be glad to help code this if you like.
  2. [all variants] Re: Command-line tool for adjusting LCD brightness

    If you have a laptop with Intel graphics and you're using Karmic (9.10) the xbacklight command should work (install the "xbacklight" package with Synaptic). Apparently this works with the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ATI Catalyst 8.11 FGLRX driver crash

    8.552 is working for me on intrepid. As suggested in the launchpad thread I installed the packages provided by intrepid-proposed (checkbox in Synaptic->Repositories->Updates)

    I seem to be having...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Please help w/current on board NIC or recommend a good one that works please reviewed a couple other 780G based boards and didn't mention any problems. I was just getting ready to purchase this mainboard. Is the BioStar still giving you trouble? Not a good...
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    Open terminal in any folder of the File Browser

    Add an "Open in Terminal" entry in right click menu of the File Browser (Nautilus). This is like the "Open Command Window Here" PowerToy for Windows.

    Close any open file browsers windows (just...
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    Re: Display Microsoft fonts like on Windows

    Wow. This is a lot nicer in my opinion. Of course, I am just now switching from Windows. Blurry and cookie crumb font rendering has been one of my frustrations with Linux in the past. Can anybody...
  7. Set the double-click timeout for non-gnome applications

    I recently installed Netbeans, (a Java Swing IDE), and was annoyed at how darn fast the double click speed was. Changing the double-click timeout in Ubuntu's mouse preferences had no effect. ...
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