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  1. [SOLVED] Re: can I reinstall ubuntu and save my home directory

    Try booting using a LiveCD of Ubuntu - this should let you copy across your files onto a USB pendrive before installing over everything :)
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Ralink Wireless Disconnects after some minutes and does not connects again until

    Hey there,

    This particular wireless device seems to have some problems, though there are some solutions here (have you tried them?) and some further discussion on this thread

    Apparently this...
  3. Re: Building Ubuntu Privacy Remix 10.04.r3 using Buildscript doesn't work

    Affected by Bug #1228071?
  4. Re: How can i Install Windows game with multiple ISOs?

    Hey there,

    Have you tried unmounting CD1 and mounting CD2 when it asks for the second disk?

    You could always burn the ISOs to CDs if possible - that would simplify things quite a bit..

  5. Re: Problem playing Pokerstars in Wine, PC freezing up.

    Hey there,

    I'm not so sure about what could be causing your video driver issues, however the appDB page for Pokerstars does mention that a PC freeze could be caused by an audio issue.
    At the...
  6. Re: League of Legends on ubuntu not working please help

    Hey there Danny,

    LoL is a brilliant game! I've had a quick dig around for you and it seems appDB has a pretty extensive HOWTO for running LoL under Wine.

    Have a little look here - the steps are...
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    Re: Making TomTom HOME work under Wine?

    Wine, although a good tool, can't run everything I'm afraid.

    That being said, a quick search on appDB shows that some versions of TomTom HOME do run under Wine. Have a quick look here and see if...
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    [ubuntu] Desktop corruption?

    I was just saving a text document to the desktop when my system crashed (probably because I'm using 8.04 on this netbook).
    When I rebooted, all of the files which were on the desktop had gone,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: WINE installation error

    It is a big jump, but its getting better and better all the time, so I'm sure you'll settle in pretty quickly. Once you've got the wireless working (and I recommend searching this forum for some...
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    [ubuntu] Re: WINE installation error

    If possible plug directly into your router (Ethernet) and download WINE. For more information on installing WINE see

    I should point out, you do need an internet...
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