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  1. HOWTO: Login to E-mail client with RSA SecurID/AOL Passcode

    Q: Are there any E-mail applications that allow for SecurID/AOL Passcode logins?

    A: Short answer: No - Long answer: Yes

    America Online, Inc. as well as other companies use a device...
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    Re: HOWTO: Screen Resolution in Hoary 5.04

    Yeah while it really isn't I find when I crash GDM (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace) or like you said restart it (Ctrl+Alt+F1) my monitor makes wierd noises. I already lost one monitor due to refreshing blowing...
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    HOWTO: Screen Resolution in Hoary 5.04

    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if the steps you take cause your video card/monitor to become a projectile or otherwise increase the refresh rate to the point of cooking your popcorn that is sitting...
  4. Re: HOWTO: Making your windows look super sweet in Hoary (compositing)

    I ran across the same thing and the one thing that I found fixed it was going into Failsafe GNOME from the GUI Loader and doing a apt-get dist-upgrade after that it worked. However that was before I...
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    FAQ: Disabling ACPI in Hoary 5.04

    I'm new to Linux and I have searched high and low on these forums to find out how to disable ACPI on Hoary (because my computer was shutting down every half hour or so) and so after doinking around...
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    Re: An Ubuntu GNU/Linux success story!

    Dude for number 1 stop looking at porn on her computer :-P Sorry I have WindowsXP and keep a very clean system. With one virus scan (yes I know one too many) and one firewall. As far as devices...
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