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    Re: What can Windows do that Linux can't?

    In my case...

    - Play any kind of sound (make my sound card works)
    - Use a webcam.

    It's a shame, at least before 9.10 i could play sounds... I don't know why the hell the messed it up...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Plasma doesn't save preferences

    Try to start with this on Kubuntu forums, I think it is a related problem. Anyway, It didn't work for me. And after someone said me it isn't worth to solve this problem, I simply gave up.

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    [all variants] Re: Network Manager: "Device not managed"

    I solved, but I didn't do what was suggested.
    I was afraid to create a even bigger mess (with two different programs fighting to manage the same card). As I wanted to concentrate all management in...
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    [all variants] Re: Network Manager: "Device not managed"

    Thanks, Superprash2003!
    I'll take a look. Only next Monday I'll be able to test it.
    I'll post the results here.
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    [all variants] Network Manager: "Device not managed"

    I'm trying to setup the network on a Xubuntu 9.04 in order to make it act as a router

    Everything was going fine, both cards was recognized by system and they seem to work fine. I easily...
  6. [kubuntu] Re: Blocked updates??? What is going on here?!

    Ok, i'll try. Thanks! ;) If i don't post anything else here, it's because everything went right.
  7. [kubuntu] Re: Blocked updates??? What is going on here?!

    Telling me why they were blocked would be a good start for kpackagekit.

    That's my doubt. Specially because others package manager don't do this. BTW, that's not "my chosen package manager" it...
  8. [kubuntu] Re: Blocked updates??? What is going on here?!

    I have the same problem here. The blocked packages here are "linux-readers-generic", "linux-restricted-modules-generic", "linux-generic" and "linux-image-generic". As you see, all of them related to...
  9. [all variants] Sharing Internet GSM 3g - clients can't browse

    Hi, i'm trying to make a simple Internet server with a GSM 3g minimodem (USB).
    I got an old PC, I installed Xubuntu 9.04, I plugged the minimodem, it connected, I set up the network and created a...
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    [kubuntu] Plasma doesn't save preferences

    Notifications and widgets from Plasma doesn't save my preferences.

    Two examples:
    1- I put a system monitor widget... I configured (via "preferences" in right-click menu) to show only what I want...
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    [ubuntu] Re: how to install a webcam?

    vinicius@ubuntu-doido:~/microdia$ sudo make
    make -C /lib/modules/2.6.27-11-generic/build SUBDIRS= modules
    make[1]: Entrando no diretório `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.27-11-generic'
    HOSTCC ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: WORKAROUND: Setting Static IP 8.10

    Did anyone posted this bug on Launchpad?
    Workaround is good (I still didn't try any of them here), but we need a fix.
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    Re: XMAME and/or XMESS GUI

    Better you begin to get used to it... but i must confess configuring things like XMAME in terminal is the hell! i still couldn't make it work here...
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    XMAME and/or XMESS GUI

    Is it there any GUI for XMAME?
    What about XMESS?

    it is the hell to config and to run it... I read the "man xmess" thousand of times and i still didn't get it working...
  15. Re: What do U like least about Ubuntu?

    You quoted my reply...:? Anyway, I just don't completely agree with the article (due to personal reason, I think you can see it)... and sorry if I was hard, I didn't mean it.:roll:

    Thank you,...
  16. Re: What do U like least about Ubuntu?


    Ok! Taking on everything wrote in the recommended article as truth (and ignoring all the millions of users that agree with me in this thread) I'll re-write my post:

    Ubuntu has a...
  17. Re: What do U like least about Ubuntu?

    It is hard to make sound works anyway. I just coudn't hear any sound since I installed Ubuntu in my PC.

    Ubuntu (I think any Linux) have a very very very poor support for any hardware.
  18. Re: What do U like least about Ubuntu?

    No Sound!!!!!!
  19. There's something wrong with login system

    Hello, everybody!
    I was trying to register to ubuntu art, but something goes wrong. I made several registers, but when I try to login into the site the same reply is shown:
    I'have this 3 usernames...
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