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    Re: Trusting a PPA

    If you are new to linux (assumption), I do not suggest to add a PPA. I just added a PPA this week, because a software that used to work in Ubuntu 16.04 stopped working in 16.10. 2 days later I had...
  2. Thread: MathMod-4.0

    by zircon_34

    Re: MathMod-4.0

    what do you use mathmode for? never heard of it... is it like matlab?
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    Re: compatibility macbook pro 2015 ubuntu ?

    Bonjour Alain de Paris!

    I actually ran Ubuntu for a while on my imac and macbook air. What I can recommend, is to run ubuntu in a virtual machine (VMfusion), as your mac is bloody fast! I do that...
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    How did you switch to linux?

    I know I know, this might seem like the typical thread. Well instead of writing a huge novel about your switch, I would be interested to know a) what was the tipping point that made you switch? b)...
  5. [lubuntu] Re: Grub menu still missing after Boot-Repair (Lubuntu + Windows 10)

    your partitioning also looks weird to me, your swap is on sda, linux is on sdb...

    how I do it, is to create a partition for linux e.g. your sdb, there I have the filesystem (ext4) mounted on "/",...
  6. [lubuntu] Re: Grub menu still missing after Boot-Repair (Lubuntu + Windows 10)

    the best thing to do to my opinion, if you have to install linux in dual boot with windows, a) install windows first then b) install linux. Perhaps, there is a way to fix this, anyone? if you have no...
  7. [kubuntu] Re: VMWare tools not working in Kubuntu 14.04

    not sure, I think you can use clonezilla to copy all files AND programs. But I dont know if you will also copy the "false configurations" over to the new VM.

    For copying all your files (just copy...
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    Re: Friday I am coming home to ubuntu

    which one from system76 did you get?
  9. [kubuntu] Re: VMWare tools not working in Kubuntu 14.04

    looks like your old vm got somehow screwed up... I would use the new one...why do you want to copy the vmtools from one vm to the other? You may
    Just mout the vmtools as mentioned in 2) and install...
  10. Thread: linux mint..

    by zircon_34

    Re: linut mint..

    Are you referring to cinnamon or mate? I use Ubuntu gnome on laptop, mint cinnamon on desktop. Mint is quite
    Polished, eg music player integration, update manager and other tweaks.the mate desktop...
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    Re: The world’s first Ubuntu Tablet

    I think that makes sense, as updates will be provided directly by cannonical unlike google for other vendors for Android.

    I would buy the tablet right when it comes out, very exciting times!!!
  12. Re: Cinnamon in Ubuntu 15.10: problem connecting to projector

    Just a hint for trouble shooting would be helpful.

    Is this a typical driver problem, or does anyone have problems using cinnamon on multiple displays...?
  13. Re: 6 months with a Meizu MX4 Ubuntu phone and...

    Is there are sort of email client? Like Thunderbird?
  14. Cinnamon in Ubuntu 15.10: problem connecting to projector

    Hi All,

    I just installed the cinnamon DE on top of Ubuntu gnome 15.10 on my dell XPS 13.

    Today I was teaching a class and connected my laptop as usual to the projector, however, it wouldnt...
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    Gnome shell cannot add program menus

    Hi, I have searched for a while on the net, but surprisingly did not find how to solve this problem. I just switched to linux two weeks ago :D and would like to get my system tweaked like I want.
  16. Re: Most Bulletproof Apple Hardware for Ubuntu?

    macbook air worked flawlessly for me. I used dual boot for a while but prefer now to have ubuntu in a vmware, avoid thehassle of installing and running refind. I am also thinking about a system 76...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu on the new (2015) Dell XPS 13

    I also like this laptop, but the current version has problem for the wireless driver for Ubuntu, most people buy an external card. Other problem, is that linux can't use the full resolution of the...
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    New system 76 laptop!

    What do you think about the new Lemur (

    It seems quite heavy (4.2 lbs), but considering the longer battery life (something like 9h?) and that it is not missing...
  19. Re: Ways to run Ubuntu: virtual vs. native and my OS X dilemma

    A while ago I also used: laptop-mode-tools, this increased my battery life from<2 to 4h on mba.
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    Re: Can't install steam

    I was wondering, what type of graphic card do you use? I had some problem with nvidia and posted something a while back Steam install on Ubuntu 14.04 what a fuss!?
  21. Thread: Practice

    by zircon_34

    Re: Practice

    There are special issues from the magazine "LinuxUser", each year they have a compilation of tips and tricks, which is fun to try...
  22. Re: Ways to run Ubuntu: virtual vs. native and my OS X dilemma

    Can you use animations (appear, move in etc..) with html5? I use latex and if it would be possible to create pdf presentations with animations, I would use it right away. From my experience,...
  23. Re: Ways to run Ubuntu: virtual vs. native and my OS X dilemma

    Yes, I tried this for a while and that worked. I also got a GPT partition instead of hybrid and spent a lot of time tuning the process. But I had some random issues, for e.g. I could not boot anymore...
  24. Re: Ways to run Ubuntu: virtual vs. native and my OS X dilemma

    thanks for the comments, I am thinking of a dell laptop next (xps 13 once it comes out), but not sure yet. I am running all on OSx and iOS, and its kind of difficult to disconnect once you got a...
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    Re: Deciding on a new Ubuntu laptop

    I am thinking about the new dell xps, it will soon ship with linux. Its 8GB max RAM, but for me that should be sufficient to run VM...
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