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  1. Re: HOWTO: Trick out Frets on Fire...or what the community was up to while you slept

    WOooow!!! :guitar:
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    Re: Como redimensiono a ntfs?

    yo tengo todo mi disco para ubuntu (unos 320gb). ahora quiero crear una particion (de 20gb para probar una cosa con win.... me descubrieron, quiero jugar jejje), por lo tanto tengo que achicarla,...
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    Poll: Re: Master Kernel Thread

    i have AMD 64 x2 and work with ubuntu 32bits (i have problems with many programs in ubuntu 64bits). My question is: if i compile the kernel which benefits may i have?
  4. Re: How to play openGL based games with full 3D acceleration on XGL/compiz

    can play 3D games based in wine and cedega with this method ?
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