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  1. Where can I find working linux detachable tablet?

    I have been trying to find a device that satisfies the following conditions:

    -> linux works well on it (all the basic things like wifi, touch screen etc. are supported)
    -> it is a...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Wireless network - connected, got ip, but no packets through

    Wow, what just happened? That works! Can you tell me why exactly that works?

    As far as adding this flag permanently is concerned, I will be able to do that :)

  3. [SOLVED] Wireless network - connected, got ip, but no packets through


    I have a really weird issue and I am not sure how to check whats wrong. Basically I connect to wireless network successfully. When running ipconfig I get

    wlan0 Link...
  4. [ubuntu] enabling fullhd resolution for external monitor

    I recently bought an external monitor which supports fullhd resolution and I am trying to get it to work.

    I am using fglrx as a driver and my card is ATI Radeonhd 34xx.

    Initially I tried to set...
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    [ubuntu] Manually coping whole linux system.


    I am moving from one disk to another. I tried to use Norton Ghost to back-up current partitions.

    Unfortunately even the newset one fails when copying my linux partition.

    So now I am...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Word Count in Texmaker

    Pixilarion script works just fine, but for some reason, no newlines are passed to message window in texmaker. Any way to fix it? I know a little programming, so it can be just overview of possible...
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