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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Problem removing some files (hidden, others)

    Thanks kpkeerthi, that command updated the locate list with everything I went through and deleted:)

    Justleen, I'll give that a shot, I'd really like to just go ahead and reinstall and try again,...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Problem removing some files (hidden, others)

    I went down the list and deleted as many of those files as I could, but it wouldn't let me have access to all of them, so I tried changing the file permissions, still no luck.

    Another weird...
  3. [ubuntu] Problem removing some files (hidden, others)

    I installed wine from source on Ubuntu 8.04, and messed up part of the installation and wanna reinstall everything and start from scratch. I was attempting to use wine to play Final Fantasy Online,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: install dvd won't boot

    I had a similar problem, is your DVD drive internal or external? If it's external, you might want to make sure that your motherboard is 2.0 compliant, and make sure you can boot from it in the BIOS. ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need help patching a file

    Hey, thanks for the response, I think I got it figured out, I just had to do patch -p1 -i filename.patch

    It seemed to install fine, hopefully this helps someone else if they run across a similar...
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    [ubuntu] Need help patching a file

    I'm trying to install wine from source code, because I have to patch a file in to get a game to work.. sooo I got the source installed, and I have the patch file, but when I use the syntax my...
  7. [ubuntu] If I install wine source code from an official archive..

    If I get wine source from an archive, do I need to get something from CVS too? I'm reading a guide about how to patch wine, and it says to get wine source from an official archive, which I did. But...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Need suggestions for a .chm viewer please

    No luck with any of the chm programs mentioned, but thanks for the suggestions, I guess I better find my Winders laptop and give it a shot.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Need suggestions for a .chm viewer please

    Hmm maybe it is the file.. after I installed that add on, Firefox just opened a blank document with the name of my CHM file. Thanks for the quick response though, I'm glad I have that add-on at...
  10. [ubuntu] Need suggestions for a .chm viewer please

    I have a .CHM file that I can't seem to be able to open.. I've tried xchm, which gives no response at all to the file, and then I've tried gnochm, which says that the .chm file cannot be opened. I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem with a printer driver

    Looked up info on how to use sh command in linux and got the file open but it says there are checksum errors with the file, at least I got the command to work though I guess:mad:
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    [ubuntu] Problem with a printer driver

    Hopefully I'm just overlooking something really simple here, but I can't get Ubuntu 8.04 to install this printer driver for me. I got the tar file off of Lexmark's website and opened that up in my...
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    [ubuntu] Question about Firestarter

    Just wondering if this is normal behavior for Firestarter... I found this and decided to install it just to see how it works. Seems pretty good, it doesn't lag my computer down at all, but anyways,...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Error 15 File Not Found during installation

    lol, well, apparently all I had to do was move the installation from the E: drive to the C: drive, now it works just fine. Thanks for your help though!
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Error 15 File Not Found during installation

    I tried opening the menu.lst file from a command prompt, but I get an error 27: Unrecognized command. I can't even cd to switch out of the default directly GRUB>. None of the usual commands that...
  16. [ubuntu] Error 15 File Not Found during installation

    Hello, I just tried to install Ubuntu 8.04 using the 'Install Inside Windows' option on the CD, and also by trying the full installation install as well. With both methods of installing, I get to...
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