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  1. [ubuntu] Horrible non fullscreen flash performance

    Hi since a few days ago I've had big trouble with flash video playing at maybe 2 fps on many different sites. Youtube seems fine but online streams (twitch, own3d) and other more standard flash...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems after closing flash....

    Same problem, except mine started crashing my whole OS. 1 quick black flash and then no movement of mouse or anything, pressing my power button will initiate shutdown and show a corrupted shutdown...
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    [ubuntu] Flash 10.2 Causes problems

    So I've been having this problem with flash 10.2 on ubuntu, basically if I have a youtube video open it is still shown even when It's been closed or if I scroll off the page.

    However weirdly it...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 - Compositing problems with Docky, no window headers

    Go to sytem-preferences-startup applications

    Add a new one, name it whatever but put "xcompmgr" in the command and then set it to run at startup.
  5. Thread: slow startup

    by Owen.C93

    [ubuntu] Re: slow startup

    Enable automatic login and see what that does. Are you using preload?
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    [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 painfully slow

    Whats going on in resource monitor?
  7. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 Now freezes on boot splash after a few reboots

    You could try restoring xorg to the old version. It's in

    I don't know if that will help.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Xorg using 90% of CPU

    I also have this problem. I'm using 10.04 so will start a new thread over there later. I can't figure out if it's firefox related or usb drive.
  9. Poll: Re: [RESEARCH] Where does your mouse pointer rest when not in use?

    Most content is on the right so I leave my mouse out of the way on the left. That way scrolling doesn't change the mouse because of hyper links or similar.

    Using a touch pad and it's much easier...
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    Re: I'm stunned how good KDE is.

    I find the look of kde tacky. I still prefer to use gnome with auto hide panels and docky for window management.

    I think I will give KDE another chance before 10.04 is released.
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