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    Cannot Edit Icon For WINE Game

    I'm attempting to change the icon for my copy of Star Wars: Battlefront II to a more desirable image. However, every time I alter it under Menu Edit, it will not save the changes to the smaller...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Stupid Brother Wants to install Windows 7

    The RAM in the above mentioned machine should work according to Microsoft's minimum system requirements for Windows 7. However, if he is planning on intense gaming, the 4 GB might seem slow.

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    Re: Should we really promote Linux?

    I feel that there will still be moments when we can say, "This is a job for tech support" even if Microsoft were to disappear.

    I promote GNU/Linux by example rather than intense proselytizing....
  4. Re: Connecting Intel PROSet Wireless to WEP Router?

  5. Connecting Intel PROSet Wireless to WEP Router?

    I have installed Ubuntu x86 10.04 LTS onto an old Dell machine which is connected to my broadband modem and Netgear Wireless Router (WGR614 v6). The router is encrypted with 64-bit WEP and allows my...
  6. [ubuntu] Need Help Purchasing a PCI Card to Share Wired Ethernet Wirelessly

    I have a humorously old (and strangely reliable) Dell Dimension 4600 desktop computer I wish to upgrade with an internal PCI wireless card. The card I'm looking at purchasing is an Intel PRO/1000 GT...
  7. Re: Apple making big announcement tomorrow

    Come together, right now, for DRM.
  8. Poll: Re: Would you get a ticket on a one way trip to the moon or mars?

    You can waste time with your friends after your chores are done.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Creating a WAP on an old Dell Desktop


    I can successfully connect to the Internet on this machine (enough to find out that this very system is listed as #12 on PC World's "Worst PCs of All Time"; that's reassuring). While my power...
  10. [ubuntu] PanP5 Multimedia Keys No Longer Function

    Has anyone else here had their multimedia keys stop working on their Pangolin Performance (Model 5)? If so, what did you do to solve this issue? Thank you in advance for your assistance in this...
  11. Poll: Re: Would you get a ticket on a one way trip to the moon or mars?

    I'd go to the moon so that I could be the first person to reach the next stage of evolution.
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    [all variants] Re: Want linux on older PC

    I would recommend Xubuntu. I recently purchased a recycled eMac for the purposes of software programming and installed Xubuntu onto its PPC architecture. It now runs faster and more smoothly than...
  13. [ubuntu] Creating a WAP on an old Dell Desktop

    I need to set up a wireless access point using Ubuntu Server Edition in place of Windows XP Professional SP3 on an old Dell desktop computer. I am attempting to follow this guide and have come across...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Compiz Wallpaper Plugin Broken with 10.10

    I just checked and I've already installed it.
    This is a most perplexing problem :(
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    Re: How Is Ubuntu 10.10 shaping up?

    I've been having weird audio issues (i.e. start up music or log out music will not play) and my compiz wallpaper plugin seems to have died. I do, however, enjoy the addition of accessing Rhythmbox...
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    [ubuntu] Maverick 10.10 Issues on v5 Pangolin

    These quandaries I'm dealing with are frustrating enough that I may end up downgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 and waiting until 11.04 addresses these issues. Any help from fellow members here is greatly...
  17. [ubuntu] Compiz Wallpaper Plugin Broken with 10.10

    After upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10, I've noticed (as have others) that the Compiz plugin for multiple wallpapers on different desktops is broken. If I wish to move to a new screen with the Expo...
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    I think they hire anyone so that they won't have to pay for professionally trained technical support. Any time I go to major box stores and attempt to explain why I'm writing down manufacturer and...
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    Poll: Re: favorite star trek series

    In terms of television series, I loved TNG; fantastic cast on-screen and off with terrific episodes that made me care about what was going on.

    On this note, one of my professors aired "Data's Day"...
  20. Poll: Re: What Do You Think Of Ubuntu's 10.10 Software Center And The Ability To Purchase A

    I agree; as soon as Canonical starts shifting in that direction and fiscal concerns replace the essence of FOSS, I'll switch distros.

    I am not against paying for software, but I am against...
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    Re: Should I get a Mac for video editing?

    Agreed; It depends upon the goal of the end user. Simply owning a Mac and a copy of Final Cut Pro/Express may be okay in some situations, but professionally, Macs running FCP/E are not the best of...
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    Re: Microsoft's IE9 look leaks to the Web

    To quote Aerosmith, I think it's "the same old story, the same old song and dance."
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sound through hdmi with nvidia GTX460

    I typed
    alsamixer in Terminal and scrolled over to "S/PDIF" and pressed m. This un-muted my HDMI audio and caused jolly good times to commence. I hope this solves your problem :)
  24. [ubuntu] Xsane Problem: Recognizes Webcam as Scanner (?)

    Due to a sale at my university's computer store, I decided to purchase a new HP Deskjet F4480 all-in-one unit. I have tested its printing abilities and it works remarkably well in Ubuntu. However,...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot Scan in Xsane under Ubuntu (But I Can in Virtual Box Running Trisquel?)

    I have installed hplip; I can't print from the printer due to a hardware issue (I have to clean it, as I bought it used).
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