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    Re: Thunderbird Colours

    Okay, thank you for your explanation! What is up with the left side of Thunderbird anyway... it's not a solid colour but some greasy texture, both in Windows and Ubuntu. Ah well, thanks again.
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    Thunderbird Colours

    Sorry, I couldn't think of a better thread title.

    A friend of mine has five Email accounts he manages with Thunderbird (Ubuntu 12.10). Using the standard layout he can choose the account and...
  3. Xubuntu: Linux Mint hijacked Chromium search

    After installing an Xubuntu update today (not sure if this is actually related) I noticed a Linux Mint logo in the upper left corner whenever I searched with Chromium and using its default search...
  4. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 12.10 Simple Looking for simple Weather App

    I am looking for a simple weather app for the Ubuntu 12.10 desktop in the same style used by Windows Vista and Windows 7 mini-apps (or whatever they were called). Just displaying today's weather and...
  5. [ubuntu] Thanks!

    I can't try that out since I am back on 12.04 but I really appreciate the effort. Thanks!
  6. [ubuntu] Broadcom 4313, Ubuntu 13.04: Can see WIFI networks but not connect to them

    I have a Lenovo g580 with a Broadcom 4313 802.11 Wireless Lan Controller (STA). I can see wireless networks but not connect to the WPA2 Personal used in this household. It tries to and then seems to...
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    Zowie MiCO

    I like the Zowie MiCO for being small, without the need for additional drivers and responsive.
  8. Re: WIFI: Ubuntu happily spamming its error message on reconnect

    You guys have workarounds for just about everything.
  9. Solution

    This was exactly it. Thanks a million! These boards are very helpful.
  10. WIFI: Ubuntu happily spamming its error message on reconnect

    Hello, I have a Lenovo G580 I3 with a Broadcom BCM4313 802.11b/g/n (driver is a "wrapper"?) which is connected wirelessly to my router. The connection is somewhat unreliable though for reasons...
  11. Problem solved. Thank you!

    It took a while for me to figure out how things work, but thanks to you I finally figured it out. Thank you very much, you are very friendly!

    Only remaining thing is I can't install the Canon...
  12. Installing Canon Pixma Printing and Scanning Drivers

    Using Ubuntu 12.10 on my laptop I also have a Canon Pixma MG 3200, which is connected wirelessly to my router.

    I don't really need extra drivers for printing since I can simply add a printer...
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