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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Will Ubuntu work on the Surface Pro 2 like it did on the original?

    I just installed 14.10 with the 3.16.0-25 kernel, on Surface Pro 1 and I am seeing what others are reporting in this thread -- wifi dies after the device goes into suspend, also, sometimes wifi just...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Will Ubuntu work on the Surface Pro 2 like it did on the original?

    So is there anything that's still broken or flaky after pm-utils downgrade and the installing the patched kernel? Sleep mode, hibernation, etc? I'd love to get a definitive answer before spending...
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    [gnome] Open new nautilus tab from terminal

    I mostly work in a terminal, but switch to Nautilus for certain tasks (e.g. in directories with images/pdfs). In principle, I could just use 'gnome-open .' to get a Nautilus window, however, for me...
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    [ubuntu] Cannot set $TERM in GNU Screen

    On a fresh Karmic install, GNU screen ignores any attempt to set the TERM variable -- either by setting term="xterm-256color" in .screenrc, or using :term command in screen itself, or using a -T...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to mount USB, Not Authorized

    Just ran into this in Karmic. Annoying.

    Do this:
    sudo users-admin, go to Properties > User Privileges and check "Mount user-space filesystems (FUSE)". Log out, log in, try connecting the drive...
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    Mathematica 7.0 and file associations

    I can't seem to get *.nb files to open in a current Mathematica session by double-clicking or doing drag/drop from Nautilus. The files have RW permissions for myself/my group. When I drag and drop,...
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    Re: Configuring Logitech mice (mx500, etc)

    I am having trouble remapping the one-touch search button on Logitech MX Revolution (apparently it generates keycode 225). I tried to edit xmodmap to remove the XF86Search binding from keycode 225,...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Multiple keyboard shortcuts for a single action

    I am currently looking for the solution to the exact same problem. Essentially, what needs to happen is a remapping of keycode 225 to a keyboard shortcut, e.g. Ctrl-w.

    One way to do it is to...
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