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  1. Re: 14.04 HP LJ P1102 freeze (Stopping unresponsive job)

    Ok I found that it is connected with discovering printer.
    After I push button on printer CUPS sets status Idle after 30 sec.
    If I push button and send file to printer It delay printing.
    But If I...
  2. 14.04 HP LJ P1102 freeze (Stopping unresponsive job)

    Good Day!
    Could someone please provide me with help of my situation.
    I installed CUPS and hplip and print test page.
    But after that I have strange situation

    Method how can I print all times....
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    [lubuntu] Constrain mouse movements to window area

    Good day!
    I have openbox setup under ubuntu 12.10.
    On main screen 1920*1080 I have 2 windows: one Qt App 1120*1080 and another OpenGL window at right side of desktop 800*1080. I need to make that...
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