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  1. [all variants] Interpreting Front End Data (Signal Strength, SNR, BER) for DVB devices

    Hi All,

    I hope this is the appropriate forum for this ... I am trying to use a Hauppauge HDVR950 ATSC/NTSC USB tuner (lsusb results below). It's basically working but I am having some reception...
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    Re: Find Your Posts

    Just so anybody stumbling onto this thread knows, there are now (again) options under the search link at the top of the page for Find All your Threads and Find All your Posts. I presume that was not...
  3. Re: Another "thanks" question (and a heaping spoonful of irony)

    So what is this "thanks" feature the seems to have just started being displayed in the header of posts. Is there any way to shut off that display? I really don't care for it!
  4. Option for Dispay of Times Stamps on Posts?

    Is there an option to display standard time stamps on posts instead of the default delta times like "3 minutes ago," "1 day ago," etc.?
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