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  1. [all variants] Re: [multiarch] openssl update is preventing all apt/dpkg installations

    Mind you, I'm not sure where the multiarch thing comes in here, as apt-cache policy gives this:

    apt-cache policy libssl1.0.0:i386N: Unable to locate package libssl1.0.0:i386
    N: Couldn't find...
  2. [all variants] Re: [multiarch] openssl update is preventing all apt/dpkg installations

    Update; not sure if this helps, though.

    I've done an apt-get clean; apt-get update and then force-installed with dpkg all of the apt cache .deb files. As expected, it crashed out without...
  3. [all variants] Re: [multiarch] openssl update is preventing all apt/dpkg installations

    I have no idea for the first question because the answer to the second is that this is an update to already installed packages, prompted by the Update Manager about a week ago.
  4. [all variants] [multiarch] openssl update is preventing all apt/dpkg installations

    I know this has been posted elsewhere. both recently and long ago, but the solutions in posts
    like this just don't help.

    trying to install anything with dpkg or apt (or synaptic) gives me this...
  5. Re: Steam for Linux is there any truth to rumors?

    A lot of the indie games have native Linux clients already, and there are a number of id games on there that have Linux versions, too...

    Besides, it's chicken and egg... people always have debates...
  6. Re: RealNetworks to incorporate support for Windows Media Formats in RealPlayer and H

    No, It's gonna be in SLED, not openSuSE
  7. Re: Another attempt to convert a Windows user down the drain. . .

    I think the nail haas been hit on the head ealy in this thread. Windows users are used to windows. They EXPECT it to go wrong, but they've spent years learning where and when it goes wrong, because...
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    Re: What do you name your PC's ?


    I name my computer James and my girlfriend's computer Katy, because they're the names of the people who use them... I might think of something crazy when we move house, and I re-work the...
  9. Re: May 2006 Desktop Thread WARNING content may offend

    No, I believe they can kill you, though
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    Re: multimedia codecs... hmmmmm

    No, I don't think you understood... I'm not saying I want ubuntu to provide mp3 support, it goes against the whole idea of free software. What I do mean, is that ubuntu should remain free, support...
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    multimedia codecs... hmmmmm

    I've been using linux for years, and in my time I've seen probabally thousands of "how can I play my mp3s" threads.

    The answer is usually "install the mplayer 'all' pack" or something, but always...
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    Re: Linux Firewall

    Well considering that most distros want you to use iptables as your firewall, I can say that another firewall might not be a bad idea.

    I use firestarter, and it took me a whole ubuntu release...
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    Re: Request XSane 0.99

    Small problem there is that we're still only using 0.97 in dapper...
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    Re: Sane backends


    Sane 1.0.17 is in dapper. Any chance of a backport of sane bits. I need 1.0.17 to save me from having to boot into windows so often... My scanner is only supported in this ver of the backends.
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    Re: Why did you start using Linux?

    In all honesty, I started using Linux back in 1997/8 just to be cool, which really didn't work out... Odd... lol. I started with Definite Linux, which was a pain in the ass and quickly moved to...
  16. Poll: Re: LinCity-NG Game - Request to be Complied In Resp

    I'm not sure what you're asking here? Did it compile, or is it a good game once it's compiled?

    looks pretty good to me, was unfamiliar with the jam/make issue, but once installed it's pretty cool...
  17. Poll: Re: kde or gnome?

    KDE. I've never been able to get to grips with gnome. However, neither is perfect, I have to customise the hell out of KDE for it to be usable, but at least I can change the things I want to change,...
  18. Re: Dapper now open - how about breezy backports :)

    deb ./

    Use that for bmpx until backports open:)
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