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    Re: Gutsy is gonna be great.

    I currently have two machines running Gutsy and have only a few minor glitches, like adding bookmarks in Firefox would close Firefox rather than add them as bookmarks. The issue was already filed in...
  2. Re: I installed Ubuntu with a hate for Windows. You?

    Contented....... That is the way I feel myself!

    My first post here on the Ubuntu forums went something like follows:

    I have Truly found Linux Nirvana since I found Ubuntu!

    I now have 16...
  3. Re: 89 GHZ UltraSPARC CPU released under GPL!

    I got so excited I forgot to answer the question posed by: amlucent23


    If they play their cards right with this one they can surely turn the server world upside down...

  4. Re: 89 GHZ UltraSPARC CPU released under GPL!

    So... I think I need ten of these clustered together - You know... just to ensure I have enough processing power as I am not sure 89.6 Ghz is fast enough to even handle posting in forums...

    And I...
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