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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Routing a subnet around VPN direct to default gateway

    Explains how to solve it
  2. [SOLVED] Routing a subnet around VPN direct to default gateway

    I connected to a commercial VPN for which all traffic is routed, the system does also forward traffic from a subnet this traffic from the subnet are currently routed through the VPN.

    What I which...
  3. [ubuntu] asrock q1900-itx booting with vga but not without

    I recently installed Ubuntu server 14.04.1 64bit on a system with Asrock q1900-itx (latest BIOS), the installation went fine but a odd problem has occurred. When booting and not having keyboard or...
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    [SOLVED] Re: XDG user_dirs.dirs not working

    This did resolve the issue, sometimes Nautilus gives an error, but it's easily resolved by restarting it.

    Improper wording, it's only a folder on the partion that is encrypted on the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: XDG user_dirs.dirs not working

    I actually use sym links for the folders on the other partition, but it still do not work. I guessing that an issue might be that the links are dead when xdg run since the partition has to be...
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    [SOLVED] XDG user_dirs.dirs not working

    Installed a system where all the Picture, Download etc folders are located on a seperate partition that is encrypted using Encfs which get automounted at login. The issue is that on every single...
  7. [ubuntu] Upgrade issues (keyboard, settings, firefox theme)

    I recently upgraded from 13.10 to 14.04 and while doing so did run into a few issues.

    Unity/Gnome settings completely ignored, tried changing it through the unity-control-center. Only...
  8. [ubuntu] Loading iptables a boot, and keep NetworkManager

    Until recently did I use /etc/network/{if-post-down.d, if-pre-up.d} to store and load iptables, but this does not work anymore. I tried the solution in the wikią, it works with option "Solution #1 -...
  9. [ubuntu] Ubuntu One won't sync uploaded files

    I got two computers connected to the same Ubuntu One account, one of these computers have uploaded some files to the ubuntu one server, they are available from the web interface, problem is that...
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    [ubuntu] postfix smtp gmail, TLS problem

    I have tried to get postfix to send mails using gmail, but can't get it to work mail log mention STARTTLS

    :~$ cat /var/log/mail.log
    postfix/pickup[1849]: 3DA79101193: uid=0 from=<root>...
  11. [ubuntu] Chromium crash with SIGABRT possible problem

    Chromium have recently started crashing repeatedly, when running chromium from shell will it mention that it crash with flag SIGABRT, while checking syslog did I found the following.

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    Re: 12.04 youtube/flash not working

    Downgrading solve the problem, as you mentioned does it look like to problem is caused by the missing flag "sse2".

    Download the flash version Flash 11.1.102-63 (option 2, downgrade...
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    12.04 youtube/flash not working

    When I try to watch a video on youtube using chromium won't it start, instead of the video there is a grey square where it say that flash plugin wasn't able to load. I have tried to reinstall flash...
  14. [ubuntu] Defrag ext4 partition (storage) online vs offline

    Would like to defrag a ext4 partition, it got around 37% non-contiguous, the cause would be that the partition was completely full for a while, that is fixed now but I would like to defrag it.
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    [ubuntu] deja-dup, fail with decoding error

    Tried to use deja-dup for backup, but it give the following error. Is there a way to find the filenames that is causing this error?

    Traceback (most recent call last):
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    [all variants] Re: Data Recovery Query

    Found this question

    Important to note, your files might be possible to recover it all depends on if any data has been...
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    [ubuntu] Very large icon in Unity

    I have added an program to unity using .desktop file. but for some reason does the icon become very big.

    desktop file

    [Desktop Entry]
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Visited an insecure/untrusted web page should I be concerned?

    First, thanks for all the answers.

    I do agree that it would have been wiser to make an analysis before i visited the site, I did take some precautions before, noscript, no cookies, separate...
  19. [ubuntu] Visited an insecure/untrusted web page should I be concerned?

    I recently visited a site (see code), before visiting did I get a warning from google that this site was untrusted, I needed to check for specific content so I visited the page anyway. I did take...
  20. Re: Python identical string don't match, sometimes

    You are correct, was using the walk function from the beginning, it show the same thing. What I actually use is a recursive tree structure. The point was the same, but it was os.walk. Here is the...
  21. Re: Python identical string don't match, sometimes

    see below
  22. Python identical string don't match, sometimes

    I got a text file containing a list of folder and file names, then i have a file system containing these items along with other files and folders. The script I'm writing scan in the file and folder...
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    [SOLVED] Touchpad improper area alignment

    Found the problem, was related to the kernel 3.2.0-30, found a few bug reports also
  24. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 12.04, gnome fallback, remove panel applets

    It's possible to add startup icons to the panels at the bottom and top of the screen in gnome-fallback, but how do you remove them. Right clicking don't give any such option and holding over the icon...
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    [ubuntu] iptables port range

    How is the port range defined in iptables let say I use the following command, will the port 1024-1050 be open or will it be 1024-1049?

    iptables --dport 1024:1050
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