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  1. Re: Cannot Boot Into Ubuntu 21:04 or Windows 10

    This is not likely to be the problem as you indicate you have had Ubuntu installed and functioning and the problem occurred after an update. Before you can set trust on your Acer, you first need to...
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    Re: Trying to install a firmware from a zip

    Have you tried simply right clicking the zip icon and selecting the Extract option? There should be a README file that explains installing. Or in a terminal, just navigate to the directory where...
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    Re: Unable to boot into Ubuntu

    Line 285 shows an EFI entry for Ubuntu in the BIOS firmware. Can you access the BIOS boot options, this would be done before you see the Grub menu. The key(s) you use to do this vary with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu on windows 10

    Does this only happen when you are in VirtualBox or at any time? Do you have a second keyboard to test?
  5. Re: How to install Linux on May HP 2133 notebook?

    Since you are posting at an Ubuntu forum, does that mean you want to install Ubuntu. If so the link below should be helpful. The link below is pretty specific to installing alongside windows 10. ...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Any risks on getting rid of Windows? Also any easy ways for me to do it

    Are you using UEFI or the older Legacy BIOS? In either case it should not be a problem but you don't delete windows, you simply format the ntfs (windows) partitions from Ubuntu with a tool such as...
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    Re: linux mint questions

    Which release version of Mint do you have? It isn't going to add files on an update. If updates are required they generally replace the programs scripts with newer versions.

    I have google-chrome...
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    [ubuntu] Re: My computer start on a Grub Prompt

    Run boot repair with the Create Bootinfo Summary option and post the link you get when it finishes. That will have the information needed for someone to help.
  9. Thread: no boot linux

    by yancek

    [Zorin] Re: no boot linux

    You should run boot repair with the Create BootInfo Summary option then post the link you get when it finishes. When you open a thread, you should always post what you are using and the version such...
  10. Re: I'm trying to mount a spanned partition. ldmtools not recognizing UUID

    You will need to be more specific about the problem than saying 'did not work'. How did you try to mount it, what specific command and what were the exact results, errror/warning messages? Are you...
  11. Re: Loaded into grub after deleting windows part of duel boot

    Which version of windows did you have installed?
    Was it an EFI install? Which partitions did you delete? System and EFI?
    Can you boot Ubuntu from the Boot Options in the BIOS firmware?
    It would...
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    Re: Dual boot, cant access windows.

    The image in post 9 shows invalid EFI file path so you need to check what your file path is in /boot/grub/grub.cfg. You should see the line below at the end of the windows menuentry in grub.cfg.

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    Re: Wiping write protected USB

    If you wrote an iso file of Kubuntu to the usb drive, it is read only and any time you mount it, you will get that message but you can still access it but not modify the contents. If you want to use...
  14. [legacy Windows] Re: Windows Subsystem for Linux communication with Windows

    Asking for help would state it better as 'demanding' help is rude. People here are volunteers. I don't think you understand that you need to go to a windows forum or the microsoft site for help on...
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    Re: How do I run Ubuntu from a flash drive?

    It may not be that common but if you do a search here at the forums or online for 'create persistent ubuntu usb', you will find many hits. There are also a number of tools you can use but it depends...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Sharing Home on separate Partition

    It would be problematic unless you were experienced at configuring your system. Never done it myself but lots of Linux users do. Depends on your wants and needs. If you want to simply share data...
  17. Re: How do I copy the download from Windows 10 to Ubuntu Root?

    Never used it myself but most of what I have read about it has been negative. Questions about it are better posted at a windows forum as it is microsoft software, a modification of Ubuntu to...
  18. Re: how do i tell if the directory contains the file I just copied to ?

    In addition to the missing matched quote, you don't seem to have a space between the source and destination. THe command you posted shows you are trying to copy a file with the name: Udacity And...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Reinstalltion of 21.04 on new SSD with Windows 10 64

    The MBR is actually separate from any drive on the first sector of a bootable drive.

    If you are seeing what you refer to as the 'D' drive (partition actually) then you state it has both windows...
  20. Re: How do I copy the download from Windows 10 to Ubuntu Root?

    It's a simple process of mounting the partition, accessing it and doing the copy on an actual install of Ubuntu. In some cases, as suggested above you may need root (sudo) privileges. Ubuntu on WSL...
  21. Re: MSI GL62 Windows 10/Xubuntu dual booting problem

    You have two entries for Windows Boot Manager and the 0000 entry is point to Ubuntu (line 36) and the correct entry is 0004 which points to the correct windows EFI boot file so change that in the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: I did something wrong with 20.04]

    What happened when you did the manual fsck recommended? Should be able to find lots of sites explaining how to do this on Linux/Ubuntu.
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    Re: "kernal panic - not syncing"

    Doing an online search for the kernel panic error will give you a large number of results. Doing an online search for: kernel offset: disabled will give you some sites similar to the one below. ...
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    Re: Does it matter where I install Ubuntu?

    The image in your initial post shows that you have a 76GB swap partition. In your case, 4-8GB would be more than enough so that is a lot of wasted space. Also, the swap partition is a logical...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Windows suddenly stopped working in a dual boot setup with Ubuntu 20.04

    The boot repair output shows you have a GPT drive. Microsoft requires an EFI install on a GPT drive. Boot repair does not show the existence of the file required by windows to boot in UEFI mode...
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