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  1. Re: How to change lubuntu runlevel at Boot

    Since current Ubuntu releases use systemd shouldn't systemctl be the tool of choice ?
    According to the manual page for systemctl 'set-default' sets the default target to boot to, so

  2. Re: Tab opening on new window is slowly driving me crazy...

    Check what properties do exist for your touchpad with "xinput list-props 'SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"; the names are mostly quite self-explanatory. And yes, you could set up a configuration file for...
  3. Re: I canīt open a .jar file by double clicking it, only using the terminal.

    I don't know about Oracle Java, but OpenJDK comes with .desktop files that produce context-menu entries on .jar-files like "open with 'Open-JDK Java 8 Runtime'". I haven't used the 'official' branded...
  4. Re: Zip archive with atool but using custom archive extension?

    'atool' is a script which acts as a unified frontend for many tools which compress or decompress data. By using it you're saving yourself the trouble of learning the various options and switches each...
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    [ubuntu] Re: at command launches script

    'which' searches for executables along $PATH. PATH is a variable that holds a colon-separated list of directories. The shell only searches for executables in those directories, so 'which' will tell...
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    Re: How to install WordPress twice?

    The version of WordPress in the repositories can be severely behind the times depending on the version of Ubuntu you're running. For example on Focal you get 5.3.2 from the repositories while you'll...
  7. Re: Tab opening on new window is slowly driving me crazy...

    If this happens with a touchpad, I'd try unsetting 'Tapping Drag Enabled' using xinput ('xinput set-prop devicename "libinput Tapping Drag Enable" 0'). If it's a mouse than you might try setting the...
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    [lubuntu] Re: CID on SD card

    If there's no mmcblk? device, then you're probably using an USB card reader which doesn't expose the status registers of the SD card. The built-in card readers of many laptops are connected through...
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    [lubuntu] Re: CID on SD card

    Lubuntu 16.04 has been out of support for quite a while now. Even 18.04 (the LTS release after 16.04) is out of support. Unless you keep that system completely isolated from the network it's an ideal...
  10. Re: Custom Application Settings on OS upgrade

    User-specific settings for applications are stored separately for each user in files in the user's home-directory. So depending on the way you have setup your system and the way you do the upgrade,...
  11. Re: Software to place plain text and TIFs onto PDF?

    ImageMagick is a very capable and complex tool. I usually call it 'the Photoshop of the command line'. If you have the package imagemagick-doc (a virtual package which depends on the documentation of...
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    Re: Rename Playlists in Clementine?

    This might be due to the client, the server or the Desktop Environment used in the VNC session. Using the server from the package vnc4server on my XUbuntu 18.04 and the vncviewer from the package...
  13. Re: How does snap 'break': kolourPaint

    If you look at the path of the library closely, you'll see that it's complaining about the in it's own directory. snap will update programs without telling you. The last update...
  14. Re: Software to place plain text and TIFs onto PDF?

    Take another look at the program you've got on HP-UX. It could be some kind of script (shell, Perl, python ...) and then you can probably just copy the executable and whatever files it needs to your...
  15. [xubuntu] Re: How to play video cd (vcd) with parole media player?

    @monkeybrain20122: Nope, VCD doesn't use the Content Scrambling System. It's a simple MPEG1 stream in a mode 2 track (so no error correction and no copy protection).

    @hiepvs: If you've got all the...
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    Re: Batch convert .cbr to .cbz

    Post #5 in the thread you link to contains the complete script. I don't see the problem. Copy and paste into your favorite editor, save as 'cbr2cbz' in either ~/.local/bin or ~/bin so the script is...
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    Re: making a batch file

    One more option is to create a .desktop file for the command. Then you can start it from the GUI. In doing so you should replace the 'sudo' with 'pkexec' which displays a graphical form for password...
  18. Re: Video stabilisation for Ubuntu (deshaking), can be a CLI

    '--enable-libvidstab' is not an option to ffmpeg but an option to 'configure' if you're installing ffmpeg from source. You can see what options were given at that stage by calling ffmpeg from the...
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    Re: Rename Playlists in Clementine?

    And that genuinely surprises me. Clementine doesn't use files for playlists, it has a sqlite database in ~/.config/Clementine/clementine.db in which it stores everything except for the queries for...
  20. Re: What app is this 'bluetooth devices' UI I saw on a reddit post?

    If one takes differences due to theming into account, then this looks a lot like blueman-manager from the package blueman. On XUbuntu 18.04 I can get to it by clicking on the bluetooth icon in the...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: My hyperlink colors need to be more contrasty

    The file is userContent.css in the chrome directory in your profile directory. The css-rules in this file override the built-in styles but are overridden by site specific styles unless marked with...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Text to speech voices for Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

    You misunderstood what I meant by "graphical frontend". Since I'm still on 18.04 I installed gespeaker and it's basically a text entry field and a play button. Press the button and it speaks the...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Text to speech voices for Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

    "sudo pacman -S speech-dispatcher espeak" should have returned an error along the lines of 'command not found' or started a game of Pac-Man. The package manager of that name is part of Arch but not...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help understanding open files

    The -U limits lsof to list Unix Domain Sockets - file-like things that are used for interprocess communication. Leave that option out to get a list showing the number of all open files.

    You can...
  25. Re: Easiest way to install php-html mode for Emacs?

    For Ubuntu 20.4 and newer there's a package named 'elpa-php-mode' in the repositories which is reasonably close to current (version 1.22 for 20.04; current at MELPA is 1.24).

    You can also use the...
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