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    [lubuntu] trouble switching to stumpWM

    I decided to try a tiling window manager. Since I like emacs and lisp, I chose stumpWM. I installed the package, moved the existing files in /usr/share/xsessions to a backup folder, and made a...
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    Re: Dell A04 BIOS problems

    Just turning raid back on let windows boot. Can't use grub, but oh well.
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    Dell A04 BIOS problems

    I bought an old Dell DV051 computer to dual boot windows XP and lubuntu. Both worked, however it was in some weird RAID mode, which kept grub2 from detecting windows. So I ran dmraid -rE. The BIOS...
  4. Re: Stuck on Last Step of Installing - Tales of Maj'Eyal

    My guess is that you need to copy the executable file you download from:

    and instead of
    premake4 gmake...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: why would std::string assignment operator fail?

    Thank you all very much, the problem was a typo in the calculation of x.
  6. [SOLVED] why would std::string assignment operator fail?

    I call a function

    theMap[x][y].moveUnitOn('M', c, "a merchant", UnitPointer(&(merchantList[merchantNum])));which looks like this

    void Tile::moveUnitOn(char g, int c, string d, UnitPointer...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: using c/c++ libraries without installing?

    Thanks much! I set up an ssh server instead, but I'll still try this for the experience.
  8. [SOLVED] using c/c++ libraries without installing?

    I need to demonstrate a large C++ program that uses the ncurses library to my prof, who requires that we compile our code in front of him. He has a linux machine, but I assume it doesn't have ncurses...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Help, conio.h, how do get it.

    Curses provides similar functions. You can ask your teacher if that's acceptable. If he's a college prof he should have linux handy and won't mind.

    I assume just downloading some free windows C...
  10. Re: Best Coding Language for programming Linux apps

    It completely depends on what you want to do. I've never had a reason to learn C#, all I know about it is that it was made by Microsoft.

    C++ is great if you want speed. I often use it with curses...
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    Re: Ogre and Code::Blocks

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but did you go to settings -> compiler and debugger -> linker settings, and add the correct libraries before you tried all this?
  12. colors aren't working using c++ and ncurses

    In main I have:

    init_pair(1, COLOR_RED, COLOR_BLACK);then I call a function which has:

  13. [ubuntu_studio] pressing mute button on keyboard broke sound

    I decided to give Ubuntu Studio a spin, and was pleased to find sound worked out of the box (a first for me). Then, halfway through a youtube video, I pressed mute on my keyboard for the first time,...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: lousy projectm performance with Radeon HD 5700

    Still "command not found".
  15. [ubuntu] Re: lousy projectm performance with Radeon HD 5700

    I'm using 11.10.

    It probably wasn't NDISwrapper I'm thinking of. I was trying to get wireless cards to work at the same time so I'm probably getting them confused.


    I take it that would...
  16. [ubuntu] lousy projectm performance with Radeon HD 5700

    I built a new computer a while back with a phenom II 3.2 ghz (unlocked to 4 stable cores :cool:) and a Radeon HD 5700 Series (I think this one:...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Chrooting my website using mod_security2 and apache2?

    Thanks for the advice! However, I'm going to be setting up both Ubuntu and Debian servers. This page:
    Makes it sound like it would be...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Chrooting my website using mod_security2 and apache2?

    Yes, but only after changing DocumentRoot back to /var/www as well. I also have to run fuser -k -n tcp 80 after changing everything back to get it to work again.
  19. [ubuntu] Chrooting my website using mod_security2 and apache2?

    My website works fine until I try to chroot it. I added the following line to
    apache2.conf, in the mod_security part:

    SecChrootDir /var/www
    Then I change the line in...
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