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    [SOLVED] Re: [SOLVED] Does this condition still exists ???

    Your second link is to a blog post about someone complaining because his bug was not processed within 5 days. If he wanted a guarenteed response, he should probably have went through Canonical:
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    Re: What Linux Distro is your main os?

    Gentoo Linux. It is awesome.
  3. Re: Ever run into someone running Ubuntu?

    Sometimes, yes. It would be nice to run into someone using something like Gentoo Linux/FreeBSD, Fedora Linux or FreeBSD for a change.
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    Re: Four Cores in a Cellphone ?
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    Re: Ubuntu 3D performance

    Phoronix has new benchmarks showing PC-BSD outpeforming Ubuntu at running the Linux Unigine Heaven binary:

    It is not a...
  6. Re: Tried other distros yet keep coming back to Ubuntu.

    Have you tried Gentoo? I wanted to start using Linux for a long time, but I wasn't able to start until I found Gentoo. I was using VMWare Player to evaluate Linux distributions. The first...
  7. Re: Ubuntu is the worst at 3D peformance? Presumably worst for gaming and 3D movies?

    The results are even more surprising considering that the version of the Nvidia drivers was the same for all distributions tested. I have no idea why Ubuntu did so badly.
  8. Re: The best office suite for Linux regardless of price.

    You can install Microsoft Office with CrossOver Professional. Unfortunately, that is still the best office software for Linux.
  9. Re: Would this still be considered Open Source?

    There exists a such thing as visible source. It differs from open source in that you can view and modify the code, but you can't distribute the files. Usually, you can distribute patch files.
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    Re: Name required for new kitten

    Why not call the cat Linus?
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    Poll: Re: What linux distro for my parents?

    If the laptop is new, then you might not be able to use older versions of Ubuntu. Have them install 11.04 and then modify the bootloader to pass pcie_aspm=force to the kernel to workaround the 2.6.38...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: PLEASE HELP - I screwed up my 11.04 install, cannot get Launcher, top bar, or Uni

    [QUOTE=djpurity;10981983]I cannot get the terminal to come with alt+f2 or any of those commands some how my installation is totally screwed up. I tried to uninstall compiz because I thought that is...
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    Re: Learning Programming

    Neither. Perl and Python are interpreted, not compiled. If you want a compiled language, I suggest you learn C.
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    Re: Was 11.04 a mistake?

    The installer crashes on me when I try installing it in VMWare Player.

    To be honest, Ubuntu has never really worked for me in virtual machines. Then I tried Gentoo Linux and it actually worked,...
  15. Re: 32-bit or 64-bit for my Netbook (2GB of RAM)?

    Go with 64-bit. Half of your CPU's general purpose registers will be wasted if you use 32-bit.
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    Re: Whats your favorite linux distro?

    Gentoo Linux. It can do anything other Linux distributions do with relative ease.
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    Re: 482(9+3)=?

    All operations are done either right to left or left to right, which is what permits cascading operations. Otherwise x = 3 * 4 * 5 would be an illegal equation. The numerical system is designed to be...
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    Re: Worst PC disaster ever?

    With Gentoo Linux, you are supposed to install it yourself. Never use an automated installer.
  19. Re: Why are there so few 100GB+ USB flash drives?

    It might be safer to store it on a tape drive.
  20. Re: Why aren't there more online classes for universities?

    I understand that the University of California at Berkeley and State University of New York at Stony Brook are quite good. Perhaps the issue is that the standards in your state are lower than those...
  21. Re: Group Effort Petition Nvidia about Optimus Linux drivers

    I think you mean angry. Saying that you will not be mad is somewhat odd considering that it is rare for people to lose their sanity upon encountering an issue.
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    Re: Switching Distros

    My personal choice is Gentoo Linux with the Bash Shell. I have tried the Z Shell in the past, but I felt it was too complicated for my purposes and that it was too easy to write scripts for it that...
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    Re: sudo timeout: security risk?

    That is not the case if you are running a remote ssh session. You do not automatically get root access by getting access to a terminal.
  24. Re: Ubuntu and the Hardware Incompatibility Problem

    I had this same problem and it made me stick with Windows for years. I didn't change operating systems until I tried Gentoo Linux, which was much better in this regard by virtue of improvements...
  25. Re: One (big) reason Ubuntu's release cycle is flawed

    You are "barking up the wrong tree". If you want what Ubuntu gives you, then use Ubuntu. If want something else, then use something else. Don't expect Ubuntu to change just because you don't agree...
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