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  1. [gnome] Re: Corrupted Screen, need to reboot Gnome/X server?

    Update: After suspending the sytem and bringing it back online, the screen is again corrupted, but it looks like mostly static, the only paterns appear to be some rectangular objects appearing...
  2. [gnome] Corrupted Screen, need to reboot Gnome/X server?

    Running Ubuntu 12.04, logging in with Gnome Classic. I also have the Kubuntu and Xubuntu desktops installed (don't know if that would be contributing to this)

    Whenver I switch to one of the tty...
  3. Re: Some suggestions for those advising new users...

    I started using Linux about 5 years ago, was in a computer technician class, we tried all the major distros of the time, including the original Warty Warthog version of Ubuntu.

    for some of these...
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    Poll: Re: General Distro Query?

    If Windows were to just suddenly die, many users would probably just keep going for a while not caring, and continue using whatever version of Window they use now.

    After the next hardware upgrade...
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    Poll: Re: What webmail do you use?

    Gmail and Yahoo
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    Poll: Re: Build around Mobo or CPU?

    CPU/MOBO Combo.

    since I'm fond of Intel, I just start looking at boards with an LGA 775 and then the appropriate chipset I need for the proc I want (needed one that worked with the quad-cores for...
  7. [other] Re: 10 year old computer + Ubuntu and Win XP, would that equal chaos?

    since the other kindly folks seem to have covered most of it, Im just goign to expand on the memory and Xubuntu.

    I run an old machine like yours (600 MHz PIII, 192 MB RAM) on Xubuntu pretty...
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    Re: What are you running Ubuntu on?

    Xubuntu 8.04
    Pentium III 600 MHz
    192 MB RAM
    15 GB HD
    8 MB Nvidia TNT2 graphics

    I know, Its old (starting to fossilize I think...)
  9. Poll: Re: Kirk with Redshirts VS Darth Vader with Stormtroopers

    phasers and blasters both rely on a a form of energy tranferred as what (I know of) as lasers. they are both technically travelling at the speed of light, they only appear slowed down so we can see...
  10. Re: whoa: linus calls rms 'stupid'; his thinking 'naive'

    as far as political endorsements go, i suppose if I had ever considered it, that Linus would be an Obama leaning guy, but in my mind Software Politcs and Regular Politics were always sepperate. and...
  11. Re: What are the 5 words that spring to mind when using linux?

  12. Re: just got done installing xubuntu at church

    im running Xubuntu right now on 192 MB of RAM, had to use the alternate CD to install it (not quite enough for the Live), but it works fine for me now that it is installed
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    Poll: Re: Do you like Ubuntu's "versioning way"?

    I don't really care one way or the other as far as Date vs. Standard version numbers.

    that is as long as it's just between those two, looking at the windows side of the versioning, it was ok...
  14. [xubuntu] Re: Hardware Device Management and Root User Rights

    I'm not sure what to tell you about that, I'm assuming that you are correct in your assumption that you have overwritten the data for your card with atheros info. I'm unsure how to undo that, at...
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    Poll: Re: If Ubuntu did not exist...

    Debian or SuSe.

    Probably SuSe first, then as I gained experience with linux move to Debian
  16. [xubuntu] Re: Hardware Device Management and Root User Rights

    *Randy78 beat me to it lol, and he sounds more experience than myself, so if my advice conflicts with his, probably listen to him ^_^*
    If the GUI works, and you can get to the setting for it at...
  17. Thread: su and sudo

    by mfarquhar

    [ubuntu] Re: su and sudo

    possibly a little off topic but: Can You enable Root Logins (on the regular GUI desktop) normally in the current version?

    I found out how to allow it a few years ago when I was first getting...
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    Poll: Re: What's always breaking?

    Hard Drives for me. at least 3 in the last 2 years.
  19. Poll: Re: UFC-style Fight: rms, Linus, Shuttleworth...

    Stallman, skilled as he is at digging his heels in, may be able to just outlast Linus and Mark.
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    [xubuntu] Re: PCI Sound loses to on-board

    Now this just seems bizarre, I ran a system update, rebooted, and now it's back to working right :-s

    Solved (I Guess)

    after another round of reboots with it switching between the onboard and...
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    [xubuntu] Re: PCI Sound loses to on-board

    To be honest, I'm a little fearful of messing around in the BIOS disabling things...

    I have tried changing the defaults and such in the programs to use the Card, but that doesn't seem to work. Are...
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    [xubuntu] [SOLVED] PCI Sound loses to on-board

    My Motherboard has an on-board sound controller, I also have a PCI Sound card I added a few months back (wanted full-duplex). Until this problem cropped up, I had ceased using the on-board sound.
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    Re: Does one have to be a coffee-drinker?

    Not the kind I like lol :)

    Barq's is probably the best (which comes in both varieties).
    Bawls new "G33k B33r" is pretty tasty as well. (if pricey)
  24. Re: Which Package of Ubuntu are you using right now?

    Xubuntu 8.04 (I'm running on an old Pentium 3 machine...) Dual booting with Windows ME
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    Re: What was the first distro you ever tried?

    First GNU/Linux Distro I tried out was Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog).

    We were doing a short Linux unit in a computer class in high school, and that was the first one we experimented with. Others...
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