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  1. [all variants] for some reason programs auto-fill the screen and move to the top of everything else

    I don't know why this is hapepning beyond someone at the Ubutnu UI team decided that that's what we'd all like to have happen. The program load in a tiny window ontop of everything else on the...
  2. [ubuntu] CPU frequency scaling is no longer working(ubuntu 10.04)

    a little while back in 10.04 and even 9.10 it was working just fine. But now here for the past week or two, my cpu is staying clocked at 2.0Ghz instead of going down even when it's just idling hardly...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gparted doesn't like to move ext4?

    i don't use swap ever since i've moved up to 4GB of ram i keep swap off since it was never being used in the first place i didn't see a reason to give up disk space for it. I've done the same thing...
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    [ubuntu] Gparted doesn't like to move ext4?

    Ok my current issue is that my ubuntu partition(my currently most used os) at the moment is getting low onspace so i decided to take 40GB from my windows one since it wasn't using it. I made it...
  5. [ubuntu] how to make firefox feel like old firefox in 10.10

    ok since ubuntu's decided that firefox needs to have their strange and weird theme for the buttons... what's the easiest way to remove this new way that it decides that the button configuration for...
  6. Re: is there any way to easily sync a file outside of $home with ubuntu one?

    never works, tried it in the past. I went and changed the document root in all of the places i knew of and well the site wouldn't load. I'd go to localhost and it'd show the xampp folder still but...
  7. [ubuntu] use Nautilus to open files within Swiftfox

    Ok, where's the nautilus app that i want to use to link to the "open containing folder" option within the download menu. For some reason it's as if it's completely forgotten it. After searching for...
  8. Re: is there any way to easily sync a file outside of $home with ubuntu one?

    i guess but i dont' know that company and i do know Canonical, so i believe i can trust them more than i can that random company offering 2GB of free space...
  9. Re: Swiftfox Vs Firefox sunspider benchmark shocking results enclosed

    ah... seems that Sunspider's items were misleading when i was looking at the data since it was always seemingly showing firefox as the faster one. I was just looking at the various ons and didn't...
  10. is there any way to easily sync a file outside of $home with ubuntu one?

    I ask because right now i'm doing a bit of web development with xampp installed and the normal directory of course is \htdocs\ for the folder with them. Since i don't want to reroute apache to...
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    Re: Calling all Foruminites for a good cause

    i was goign to try to do it but well it seems that my laptop's cooling system can't handle it sadly. The CPU temp rose from 44*C up until 70*C seems that the fans aren't working properly.... good...
  12. Swiftfox Vs Firefox sunspider benchmark shocking results enclosed

    Firefox is the build that comes with ubuntu(might be why it's faster than swiftfox), and swiftfox latest aka 3.6.3 I've also cleared all of the cache before doing either test to try to make it so...
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    Re: Netbeans Embedded Browser Issues

    with 10.04 it is now impossible it seems to install the jdk so i had to install it with the synaptic installer, also now it seems that it still is impossible to use. And i was wondering if this is...
  14. [ubuntu] Ureadahead installed in 10.04 by default?

    Ok, i just got done did a nice clean install of 10.04 and it's not seeming to be that fast. To be honest, it feels that 10.04 is actually booting slower than it was in 9.10(after i got ureadahead)...
  15. Re: Any other developers have too many bookmarks that are everexpanding?

    no not really... if you find me another browser that has the extensions that firefox has, has everything where it is in my firefox, doesn't try to do weird things with hiding panels and such(looking...
  16. Re: Any other developers have too many bookmarks that are everexpanding?


    on a side note, i'll try those commands in a second.
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    Netbeans Embedded Browser Issues

    Ok, i've installed the XUL browser in ubuntu 9.10 with netbeans 6.8 PHP but it's not letting me choose it from the list of browsers.

    On windows it says "Embedded Mozilla Browser", but on linux...
  18. Re: Any other developers have too many bookmarks that are everexpanding?

    my thing is there's a load of sites with information on them that are well like "blogs" and such done by peopel who sound interesting. And i tend to keep them there and it's well how it is for me....
  19. Re: Why Linux Isn't the Most Popular Operating System

    i'd love to have just one type of package for the files .deb, .rpm, .whatever i'd love for it to just be one.

    If we're able to do that, there comes GNU/Linux being popular. Fix it, and it's done...
  20. Any other developers have too many bookmarks that are everexpanding?

    I ask, because right now i have i think ~100 or so. Mainly blogs of people who write about Game Design, AI, Web Design, PHP tricks, a few web comics(not related to gaming obviously), and any other...
  21. with 10.04's upcomming changes to the windows a way to fix it

    Since they're deciding to make Ubuntu more like MACOSX which is something i personally HATE how the MACOSX UI is, it's one of the biggest reasons why i shall never use that OS ever again. I had to...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Indicator applet's broken after removing empathy/evolution

    Ok makes sense that it was doing that then :/ oh well just'll have some random pointless software installed if it'll work. The main problem is that didn't fix it. It's still doing it's same old same...
  23. [ubuntu] [solved]Indicator applet's broken after removing empathy/evolution-reinstalled it all

    As i don't use either of them, i uninstalled both of them. Now my indicator applet's nto working. When i get a new message on pidgin it doesn't show it on my screen saying blah blah blah said this....
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    [all variants] Re: Conky Weather Forecast Python Script

    Ok when i use this template for some odd reason it shows up the Temperature thing as *F as A with a degree symbol over it.

    WEATHER ${hr 2}
    ${if_existing /proc/net/route wlan0}
  25. [ubuntu] boots into a minicommand prompt in top-right and a "waiting" icon for the rest.

    Edit this thread can be closed since i do not have the power to do that. I have since then reformatted and reinstalled ubuntu as it seemed to be easier.
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