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  1. lost password... refit with gamedrift on MBP

    after installing refit and Ubuntu Gamedrift,on my Macbook pro i7 which runs snopw loepard.... i had to do some admin tasks, it was then i found out that my password is not what i thought it was?? My...
  2. Re: HowTo get Huawei e220 working on Ubunu 7.1 with Vodafone package

    just arrived in new zealand an they only have vodafone got the dongle unlocked was wondering if anyone knows the username an password i should use to make this work ?? ? ? thanking you in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Huawei E220 Troubles

    My friend spent a couple of weeks trying to sort this problem out, he finally did, and has since set me up on two seperate laptops within minutes. He has written a very good howto which you can find...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: No (requires plugins) dialogue in firefox 2

    Thanks for the help, That got it working, Nice one!
  5. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] No (requires plugins) dialogue in firefox 2

    I have set up ubuntu on a second computer When I point firefox to a site that requires flash, I get nothing. On my other setup, I was prompted with a dialogue which directed me to a...
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