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  1. Re: أريد كتاب لتعليم أوبنتو حتي اﻷحتراف

    check this out
  2. [ubuntu_studio] Re: One or more block devices are holding /dev/sda5

    #13 looks the silliest thing in the world, however I assure it really works :D:D ... thanks nightwalk77 :)
  3. Re: أريد الاشتراك في اللوكو تيم

    @ Tesla,

    Ubuntu-eg team is NOW active :) and we have held our first event about a month ago and we are taking serious steps towards keeping it up ;)

    we would welcome you to join our team at ...
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    Re: arabic input ... "la" problem

    simply you could use the normal "lam" followed by an "alef" :D :lolflag:

    وقال له يا هلا يا هلا

    و ربما إذا جربت أن تحمل بعض الخطوط المختلفة فقد يحل هذا مشكلتك و الله أعلم

    please tell me what...
  5. Re: مشكله فى --ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso

    و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

    واضح إن في مشكلة عند السيستم إنه مش لاقي الإيمج اللي بيقوم منها ... يعني بمعنى أصح تقدر تقول مش لاقي البارتيشن بتاعه ... و أقترح إنك ممكن تدخل ويندوز تاني و...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Entire hard drive now shows up as unallocated space in GParted

    same prob here ! after installing windows 7 ! I don't understand what to do now ?
  7. Thread: Easy Kernel

    by M. Fawzy

    Re: Easy Kernel

    well, First of all I would really like to thank you ya m3alem for this nice topic :) and for informing us about such a useful prog. ..... but I still have 1 Q ... is doesn't Ubuntu update the kernel...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Optimizing 9.04 for a low spec system

    I think you may want to try Xubuntu ! it would be nice for you ! :D
    visit their visit
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