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  1. Is there an upgrade path for Aquaris M10?

    Any idea if there will be future upgrades for this device (with touch-friendly GNOME perhaps)?

  2. Re: When will I have a browser that can download a file with authentication?

    It is the tablet.

    Securely download a file -> new or never functionality. Wow.

    Feeling great about that $300+ I dropped on this device.
  3. When will I have a browser that can download a file with authentication?

    I get 401s constantly when trying to download a file over SSL from one of my servers secured with basic auth.

    When will this be fixed?
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    Weird "buzzing" coming from my tablet

    The last two mornings I have woken to my Aquaris tablet making a strange pattern of pronounced buzzing sounds. It reminded me of the Emergency Broadcasting System's "this is only a test" buzzing...
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    [Tablet] Open HTML file in browser.

    I'm using webbrowser-app and would like to open a locally-stored HTML file. I see no "file, open" functionality in the browser, and touching a *.html file in the File Manager tells me no...
  6. Set up a python virtualenv on Aquaris M10?

    I'd like to run the nikola static website generator on my tablet ( Ideally it's installed in a python virtualenv.

    Is this this possible? Is it recommended?
  7. Aquaris M10 - Open local html files with browser?

    I would like to put a collection of HTML files on my tablet and open them locally. However:

    - The File Manager app says there are no applications registered to handle HTML files.

    - The Browser...
  8. Re: Anyone managed to get RSS reader to work?

    I would rather use the browser to connect to my tt-rss instance but the browser at present doesn't seem to like some code on the tt-rss login page, so I can't.

    (same thing happens with my owncloud...
  9. File sync without a service? Aquaris M10 Debian Fedora

    I would like to sync files between my M10 and my various linux machines, but don't want to use a service like dropbox etc. Is there a preferred way?

    I had been using owncloud with Android devices...
  10. Re: New BQ Aquaris M10 user with some questions

    jyoti3, thanks, I found it and uninstalled it :-)

    Actually I have noticed a couple of times in different contexts I have thought that the list of items/options/whatever that were presented to me...
  11. Re: New BQ Aquaris M10 user with some questions

    I see no Facebook icon in the Ubuntu Store. Yet, when I go to "System Settings | Updates" there is an update for "Facebook Photos" waiting. I want to uninstall this completely. Is there a way?
  12. New BQ Aquaris M10 user with some questions

    I just received my Aquaris M10 today, and overall I'm thrilled to have it. I have a few questions.

    How do I uninstall Facebook Photos (or other apps that don't seem to allow that option by...
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    Re: Reluctantly returning the bq Aquaris

    Just chiming in. I received mine today, and I intend to keep it. I was not expecting to use this device as a "convergence solves all" solution to anything. My needs are actually fairly modest, and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS!

    I upgraded my Darter Ultra to 12.04 last night, and it seemed to work OK with ethernet and a USB mouse; but today I boot up away from the office and find that wifi and the touchpad are not working.
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    [ubuntu] Generative Music applications?

    Are there any applications for Ubuntu that create "generative music", like Brian Eno's iPhone apps "Bloom", "Trope", and "Air"?
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    [ubuntu] System 76 giving up on smaller laptops?

    I notice the smallest laptop available on the website is a 15.6". Is System76 giving up on the smaller units?

    I have a 12.1" Darter Ultra that works great and I appreciate its portability,...
  17. [ubuntu] Capture/convert Hi-8 video tapes to digital?

    I have some Hi-8 video tapes that I'd like to convert to digital before they deteriorate.

    I have Ubuntu Lucid on a laptop with USB but no Firewire. I also have a mothballed desktop that does have...
  18. [other] User guides / manuals for 2006 Serval Performance?

    I have troubles with a Serval Performance that I bought in 2006. Where can I find a user manual for this machine? Currently, when I try to boot, I'm seeing six flashes on the LEDs on the front.
  19. [ubuntu] Darter Ultra - speakers no longer work after 10.04 upgrade

    Hello System76 -

    Just wanted to let you know that the speakers on my DARU3 no longer work after the 10.04 upgrade. Audio does work through the headphones.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Anyone install 10.04 of a DARU1 or 3?

    Hi, yes, I installed it on my Darter Ultra (DARU3) yesterday, and updated the System76 drivers. Unfortunately I've lost all sound. Aside from that, everything seems to work (inasmuch as I've tried...
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    [ubuntu] Serval: Replacement LCD?

    The LCD screen on my Serval SERP1 is cracked. Can System76 recommend a source for a 0-dead-pixel replacement?

    Also, the screen is 1280x800 - would it be possible to replace it with a...
  22. [ubuntu] Serval 1 wireless encryption does not work

    I have a Serval 1 using the ilw3945 network driver. I haven't been able to establish an encrypted connection to my WAP in a couple/few months now, when the ilw3945 driver replaced the ipw3945.

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    Re: Please share your experiences with System76

    it was PyCon 2007.
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    Re: Please share your experiences with System76 i've left the conference (still on the road). this will be a short "review" because - with a single exception - the serval met my every need, and when i have nothing bad to say, i say nothing...
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    Re: Please share your experiences with System76

    thanks, i got the battery in time for my conference.
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