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    Re: Which IDE should I use?

    If you're after a framework/API to develop an application and for simple image editing, I'd recommend using Qt. It's open source, it has a great community, and has great performance. AFAIK the image...
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    Re: What Language(s)?

    Welcome to the world of Linux and programming :).

    You can do this two ways. Make a server that does all of the work (create sockets, handle each query, headers, etc). Or build it on top of a...
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    Re: Monitoring Application

    You may want to look into the Phoronix Test Suite. I haven't played around with it myself, but it seems fairly comprehensive to benchmark other programs.
  4. Re: N00b question, chat to SMS and vice versa, organizing messages, need help with de

    In terms of creating a custom solution, you're not only looking at programming itself, but sitting down and designing the program architecture, designing the UI, supporting multiple platforms...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Batch Renaming - First time stuck with Ubuntu/Linux

    No problem :-). Ah I see, yeah Linux is certainly different that's for sure. I suppose I like the flexibility of being able to configure it to my liking, and do what I want with the system.

    I had...
  6. Thread: QT,pigz,GUI

    by Jacks0n

    Re: QT,pigz,GUI

    You might want to make the number of threads hidden, and set it with
    QThread::idealThreadCount() so it's even easier for the user, but it'll utilize all available cores.
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Batch Renaming - First time stuck with Ubuntu/Linux

    Hm, interesting problem!

    I don't know about a program to do this for you, but here's a quick Python script I wrote. I put extra comments in so you can see what it does out of interest.

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    Network aware applications (database)


    I'm in the process of developing a desktop based application (Qt), where it will be used in a per office situation. There will be approximately 15 users on average per office. The application...
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    Re: What do I do next?

    Now try writing a kernel module :D
  10. Re: What programming language for a Twitter style clone?

    Also keep in mind it'll have to work in with whatever database you use (I hear MongoDB's pretty good). You may also check out some of the open source micro blogging platforms and modify it, might...
  11. Re: Best C/CPP IDE ? Way to GUI Programming With C/CPP...

    Try Qt Creator with Qt! I think Qt's a fantastic library, and Qt Creator compliments it very well - they work in together.
  12. Re: DEB Control file - architecture all for 32 + 64 bit

    Hm okay, interesting.. Thanks for your comments. We're just a startup, so I can't justify making a PPA/repo yet. I'll avoid the use of ia32libs though!
  13. Re: DEB Control file - architecture all for 32 + 64 bit

    It has a self-update mechanism built into it, it'd add more complexity to it when it's just not necessary. The program isn't CPU intensive, so there's no benefit of having a 64 bit version.

    So is...
  14. DEB Control file - architecture all for 32 + 64 bit

    Hi there

    I'm in the process of packaging an application for Ubuntu. It's compiled as 32 bit (Qt app) and I won't be shipping a 64 bit version (the app isn't CPU intensive, there's no real...
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    [ubuntu] Can't access the encrypted home folder


    I tried installing Ubuntu 10.04, and it won't boot now. I tried re-installing grub but nothing works. I just want to get my data back and get rid of Ubuntu for now.

    I encrypted the home...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't access the encrypted home directory

    I found a document about it in the Ubuntu wiki: and followed the instructions.

    ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo ecryptfs-add-passphrase --fnek ...
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    [ubuntu] Can't access the encrypted home directory


    I tried upgrading to 10.04, and now when it boots it just goes into a grub2 terminal and doesn't display a boot menu. I tried re-installing grub2 from the live cd, but that didn't do anything....
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    Intersection of 2 vectors in C


    I'm writing a game in C for a University course, and I'm stuck at a certain point. I have two single lines/vectors, and I store them in a linked list. How can I tell if they overlap at any...
  19. Re: n00b that needs to compile some python into a .deb

    Hi Steve,

    I'm the creator - so sorry about the spam, but I thought it'd help.

    Checkout Python Packager ( It'll make a debian file automatically, and a Windows...
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    Re: Python Compiler for Linux

    You're probably not looking for a "compiler" per se, but one of the tools that bundles your Python code + libraries into a binary that you can execute.

    Try Python Packager...
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    Re: A bash script to turn eth0 down then up

    Hm, you might want to try restarting networking with the "/etc/init.d/networking restart" command instead. Anyway, I tend to use zenity quite a bit to have graphical dialogs with scripts without too...
  22. Re: I need to make a bash script to create a file for school.

    This loops... But it's too long. It should use a case statement somewhere. Yep, I was bored alright.


    function createFile {
    read -p 'Would you like to create a new file? Y/N: '...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: How Do I Give My Self Permission to Write Files?

    Try typing in the following in the terminal

    sudo chmod -R 700 /home/$USER
    sudo chown $USER:$USER -R /home/$USER

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    Re: How to create deb of a Python script?


    I hate to sound spammy (I'm the creator :-/), but checkout Python Packager ( It'll create a deb and rpm file automatically. At least it *should* :), it's still in...
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    Re: New Project: Python Packager

    Thanks guys, that's great to hear. I just got back from holidays so the project should start improving a lot more soon. I'm a uni student currently on holidays (summer break). Plus the service...
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