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    Re: Now I regret once I was a Unity hater

    Unity still isn't up to speed for me. The entire Dock still seems like a poor-man's version of Mac OS X's dock... of course, Linux docks like Docky or Cairo Dock are even more superior, albeit with a...
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    Re: Do college students use Linux?

    My university is quite large (48,000 students) and it offers full Ubuntu support with tutorials and software for connecting to the campus VPN. Also, a few of my profs use Linux - Arch linux with the...
  3. Re: Will KDE ever go in a similar direction as Gnome Shell/Unity?

    The new KDE is so modular that it can easily adapt to new features. Also, if anything, Gnome is copying KDE when it comes to emulating the Gnome Shell after KDE's Plasma (not in the UI, but in the...
  4. Re: What's the OLDEST computer you have installed linux on?

    Pentium 2, 64MB RAM, ~5GB HDD. It used to run Windows 95, but I had to have some fun and see how Linux ran on it. It
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    It's time that 64-bit was the default option

    Today I decided to do a clean install of Ubuntu on one of my computers, and was once again greeted with the extra step of selecting 64-bit instead of the "32-bit (Recommended)". I have used 64-bit...
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    [SOLVED] Re: SDL (C++) Point me to an image rotator?

    It's been a little while since I have used SDL, but I always used the SDL_gfx library (specifically the Rotozoomer functionality it provides) to rotate a sprite ->...
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    Another Gnome Shell convert here (using Fedora)....

    Another Gnome Shell convert here (using Fedora). Unity has a good design layout, but it is very poorly implemented. It's hard to pinpoint, but GS's animations are far superior to Unity's. I think one...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Is anyone else thinking of switching to another distro

    I've already been using Kubuntu on my desktop for over a year, so that's not changing. Having tested both Unity and Gnome 3, Gnome 3 with a few tweaks works great on my laptop. Unfortunately, getting...
  9. Gnome 3 Shell Extensions? Why in the world do we need Unity now?

    When Natty was released, I decided to give both Unity AND Gnome 3 a fair chance. Prejudice aside, I laid aside my initial impressions of both desktops from the alpha and beta stages, and gave each a...
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    Re: Best word processing APP?

    LibreOffice is a recent fork of OO by the open source community. Last year, Oracle bought Sun, the company that has supported OO for years, and Oracle's direction for OO was seen as very detrimental...
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    Poll: Re: Gnome 2, Gnome 3, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, Unity?

    I have fallen completely in love with KDE for most of my desktop computing needs. I know many Ubuntu users who've tried KDE have been less than impressed, but from testing other KDE distros, Kubuntu...
  12. Oracle gives up on OpenOffice... a win for open source?

    For everybody who hasn't heard about it already, Oracle has given up on developing OpenOffice due to the mass exodus of community developers to LibreOffice. This begs the question: is this a win for...
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    Re: Tell us about any great Google Video's?

    The complete (111min) movie of 1984.
  14. Poll: Re: Unity, Shell or Classic Gnome what wil you use with Natty?

    I'll be using Unity on my laptop and KDE (Kubuntu) on my desktop. I particularly would like to use Unity-QT. The GTK+ toolkit hasn't truly progressed with the 3.0 release, while the Gnome Shell is a...
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    What is Linux? No, really?

    Technically speaking, Linux is a kernel. There's a big divide between what we've come to think of Linux, however, and the kernel Linux. Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSe; nobody will argue that any distro is...
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    Re: Unity?! Are you kidding?

    I think Unity is actually a very smart move. Yes, it has several similarities to Gnome shell, but the differences are apparent enough if you try both of them out. For me, however, the greatest...
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    Re: learn C !

    If you are serious about programming applications, I don't recommend learning Python first. Python is very easy to learn, but it's more like the world's most advanced scripting language than it is a...
  18. Re: Is programming in Linux like programming in Windows?

    Here's how it works: most languages, including C/C++, work identically on all operating systems. That includes Linux and Windows. However, you also need to use libraries, some of which are...
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    Re: Flash vs HTML5/CSS3

    Here's the rule of thumb:
    If you're looking to design a website that needs animations, transitions, or dynamic interactivity, go with HTML5.

    If you're looking to program an application that is an...
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    [all variants] Maverick Upgrade Nightmare

    I've operated Ubuntu/Kubuntu for 4 years, and have never yet encountered the upgrade nightmares I've experienced so far...

    So yesterday I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu installation (which has...
  21. Re: My fresh Ubuntu install will use Ext3 - NOT Ext4

    You have to look at relevant benchmarks. For example, the Bullet Physics Engine is CPU-intensive and I wouldn't expect to see a major difference based on disk-io performance. However, PostgreSQL and...
  22. Re: My fresh Ubuntu install will use Ext3 - NOT Ext4

    You have to look at relevant benchmarks. For example, the Bullet Physics Engine is CPU-intensive and I wouldn't expect to see a major difference based on disk-io performance. However, PostgreSQL and...
  23. Re: My fresh Ubuntu install will use Ext3 - NOT Ext4

    Yes, CraigPoleo, you're right, and thanks t0p for spotting the confusing sentence structure. I guess that's what happens after being awake for almost 20 hours. ;)
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    Re: xmarks replacement?

    If you are going to use Google Bookmarks, understand that the "Google Bookmarks" service is entirely different than the "Bookmarks Sync" provided with Chrome. In fact, "Google Bookmarks" is basically...
  25. My fresh Ubuntu install will use Ext3 - NOT Ext4

    Ext4 may tout features like delalloc and better journaling, but so far none of these have translated into speed improvements. I really don't care if my Ext3 hard drive is slightly more fragmented if...
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