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    [ubuntu] Re: no upgrade button for 19.10

    Upgrade notifications aren't automatically enabled when a new version of Ubuntu is released.
    It needs a manual change of a configuration file by the Release Team which they'll no doubt do only when...
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    [ubuntu] Re: upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10

    Already being discussed here.

    The upgrade process doesn't seem to have been activated yet.
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    Re: Timing of updates

    There's sometimes a delay of a few days before upgrades to the next release are offered.

    Edit: discussion on IRC earlier today:
  4. Re: Eaon Ermine, releases schedule, partial upgrades and common questions

    Yes, Ubuntu 19.10 is still due for release today but it won't be released until it's ready. So at no specific time.

    The release announcement usually comes before the end of the GMT/UTC day so it...
  5. Re: The codename for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will be Focal Fossa

    The Focal Fossa release schedule:
    Release scheduled for April 23rd, 2020.
  6. Re: The codename for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will be Focal Fossa

    I've found nothing on Launchpad but a couple of vague references on IRC by those that would know and a comment by 'popey' on the OMG article suggest that Focal Fossa is what it will be. :)
  7. The codename for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will be Focal Fossa

    According to OMG! Ubuntu! the next release will be codenamed Focal Fossa
  8. Re: Lubuntu and Xubuntu (but not Ubuntu) Eoan boot slowly

    Hi sudodus, I'm on a mobile at the moment so I can't check but I did notice that boot times were rather slow for several flavours when I was testing last night. I can't remember which flavours...
  9. Re: The ISO available today is already 'Release'

    The ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-standard, ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-desktop-minimal meta packages have just received an update. sudo has also been updated to deal with the recently announced security...
  10. [lubuntu] Re: No live cd or wifi for lubuntu-18.04-alternate-i386 ?

    The download links seem to point to official ISO images but the Lubuntu Team manage

    The link on also points to which is hosted...
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    Re: Settings problem

    If you're on a laptop with a relatively small screen you may have to scroll down to see the "Devices" options.

    Do you see "Details" which should be below "Devices"?
  12. Re: How to get Livepatch to automatically to reboot

    Because it was never designed to.

    You're probably aware, but for the benefit of anyone else reading this thread, the following quote is taken from

  13. [ubuntu] Re: The shutdown and reboot buttons of the login screen do not work

    Thanks for posting @Jay_Dogg.

    The Desktop Team have acknowledged the bug and tagged the report as something that they will fix after 19.10's release.
  14. [ubuntu] Re: How long it takes Ubuntu development bext Ubuntu version=

    The release names for the 18.10 and 19.10 releases were both released one part at a time.

    Although the full name was not known until 23rd May we knew that the first part would be eoan as early as...
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    Re: autosatrt Calendar.

    In GNOME Tweaks go to Startup Applications, click the '+' button, scroll down to Calendar and click 'Add'.
    Log out and back in again.
    You should find Calendar already started when the desktop...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: How long it takes Ubuntu development next Ubuntu version

    Development often starts straight away with the first ISOs available within a week or two. In order for the new repositories to be set-up it needs Mark Shuttleworth to give a name to the new release....
  17. Thread: zfs removed?

    by PaulW2U

    Re: zfs removed?

    For new installs, zfs is only installed if it is selected during the installation process.
  18. [ubuntu] Re: The shutdown and reboot buttons of the login screen do not work

    Yes, I noticed that the other day but was too busy to investigate then forgot about it until now.

    I've reported that as bug #1847896
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    Re: transcode package for 19.04?

    transcode was removed from Ubuntu during the Cosmic (18.10) development period.
    Reason: un-maintained and buggy.
    Obviously it remains in releases prior to Cosmic. See bug report #1787222
  20. Re: What App(s) you want as snap apps, currently not available as snap app?

    Did you realise that the FileZilla snap hasn't progressed past the beta stage of development? That may not have been obvious if you installed using the Ubuntu Software application but your attention...
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    Re: How to pin openssh from 'eoan' in 'bonic'

    Actually Chris, that's not quite correct.

    The Firefox snap is provided by Mozilla but the .deb package is packaged by Canonical's Desktop Team is conjunction with the Security Team. Take a look at...
  22. Thread: any support

    by PaulW2U

    Re: any support

    Thanks, I missed that link which is of course intentionally placed near the foot of the page and in a smaller font.

    I checked the websites of other Ubuntu flavours and any links to past releases,...
  23. Thread: Calendar App.

    by PaulW2U

    [SOLVED] Re: Calendar App.

    gnome-calendar 3.34.1-1 (and possibly other updates) fixed this problem for me both in my permanent installation and in a live session.

    The bug report was closed so if anyone still sees an issue...
  24. Re: Chromium in Ubuntu deb to snap transition

    No problem and thanks for your comment.

    I probably should have started a new thread but mistakenly thought that by changing the title of the post then the title of the thread would also be changed...
  25. Re: no chromium updates as deb package for 14.04 Trusty - press info

    But I did point out in post #3 that every release would be affected not just 14.04.
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