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    [ubuntu] Re: Making my laptop a wifi AP?

    You do need two interfaces, as you mentioned, you could also use two wireless cards if you have a 2nd wireless card lying around

    I'll keep an eye on this thread, I have additional ideas that...
  2. Re: New Linux computer store opening in Chattanooga, TN

    Sorry to hear The Open Store is closed, I think even in some big cities the success is limited or else the focus is beyond that city or you have a target client. (I'm wondering where Chattanooga fits...
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    Re: Looking to form a Texas LoCo team

    I'd be able to handle some of that
    (Note: I'm not actually in Texas yet, delayed moving plans.)
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    Re: Looking to form a Texas LoCo team

    I think most of this thread has a loco already, merging them would go a long way. hopefully this will happen. there is a few IRC channels.
    age isn't really an issue for leadership, effectiveness is.
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    Re: L.U.G for Northwest Georgia

    hambone79: Yeah, that's a pain, Creating your own is a thought, you could also be active on a mailing list & go when you can. sometimes the best option is simply the one that doesn't stink as bad as...
  6. Re: New Linux computer store opening in Chattanooga, TN

    It's not new, there's one in Savannah, Ga called The Open Store
    (The page is stamped with "Web posted Tuesday, February 8, 2005")
    The thing...
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    [ubuntu] Re: rtorrent tsocks firewall question

    the last update for tsocks was in 2002, tsocks never was intended to proxy incoming data, only outgoing. rtorrent can handle HTTP proxies, SOCKS proxies have yet to be implemented, they need BIND...
  8. Re: What advice would you give to women who think Linux is "hard"?

    (does it matter if It a woman thinking it's hard, I know some men think "windows works, why try windows.)

    ask them what is hard, have them try it, maybe automate it a little more.
    (example being...
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    Re: You know you're a geek when........

    Your Math teacher is confused when you describing Encryption Algorithms

    Well at least my Girlfriend can't be mad ;-)
    on the other hand, it may backfire.:lolflag:
  10. [ubuntu] Live USB Intrepid or Jaunty Persistence issues

    I have tried with both distros to create a USB install using the usb-creator program included with Intrepid & Jaunty.
    I had it working before on two computers & two sandisk drives. (A 4gb & a 8gb, I...
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