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  1. [ubuntu_mate] Re: NetworkManager does not spoof MAC address after making appropriate configuration

    Quick UPDATE reply:

    After reading at least 1 post there's a possibility that no one will help me on this issue... however, after reading this post...
  2. [ubuntu_mate] NetworkManager does not spoof MAC address after making appropriate configuration

    not a duplicate, I believe this problem is unique to my system, possibly a configuration issue or missed syntax or step, etc., or perhaps an unreported bug... but I'm uncertain.

    I've followed this...
  3. Help. Connect to socks proxy using authentication

    I need help finding a method to connect to socks proxy using username and password so that I can use a browser to connect to the web via this proxy.

    The proxy is the VPN's socks5.
  4. [SOLVED] How to disable "Connect Automatically" in accidentally clicked wireless networks

    I problem I've been having recently was causing me trouble when staying unconnected to wireless networks. NetworkManager will ALWAYS try to connect to wireless networks if you had clicked on them for...
  5. Re: PLEASE TELL ME what this means

    Another thing... I'm not sure of the current modern version of Ubuntu.. but Linux Mint 13 doesn't exactly pop up in my face to remind me to update like Lucid Lynx used to. And there is no option to...
  6. Re: PLEASE TELL ME what this means

    The fact that there are roughly 300 responses to this (might be an exaggeration) is exactly why I don't want to post on the Mint forums. No one ever responds, mostly because there are only a few...
  7. Problems began when installing Seahorse on Mint

    mbman@bman2:~$ exportsudo apt-get install seahorse-nautilus:i386
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done
    The following packages were...
  8. [ubuntu] Chrome (Lucid Lynx) crashes when starting download

    Hi, forgive me if I'm failing to do something correctly. I've search the web, found a lot of similar problems as this, mostly Windows users, but I found one "Closed" thread on Ubuntu Forums... never...
  9. Replies

    3D Physics Simulator

    I don't have the time to comb through thousands of Simulation software for Linux... to filter out what's free and then filter out what I need...
    I have no idea how to use simulations, I've never...
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