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    [xubuntu] xulrunner-1.9 conflicts with j2re1.4


    i need to install an older version of java for working on some equipment at work.

    i think "update-alternatives -config java" should be what i am looking for so i built a deb pkg of the...
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    [gnome] Re: Lots of things suddenly gone wrong

    although i am not having as extreme problems i have some similar issues with two different desktops running hardy on both of them (i am actually having the exact same problems on both of my...
  3. [gnome] gdm-themetester or end-user innacurrate???

    hi gang,

    i have been using some of my own jpegs lately to substitute in a login theme i am generally happy with the overall look of.

    so i wanted to take things one step further and adjust the...
  4. [xubuntu] gedit shows up in all pager windows... grrr!!!

    hi gang,

    i just loaded xubuntu onto an older laptop with XFCE and it is running rather slick.

    a couple of annoying problems being used to gnome but one that is absolutely driving me nuts is...
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