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    Re: GUI-friendly Linux distro

    Xubuntu. It is simple and quick. I have tried all of the current flavours of Ubuntu and various other distros and always come back to Xubuntu.
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    Re: What kind of tablet do you own?

    I have an old Samsung Galaxy Tab III 7". I never use the thing. I find tablets a little Mickey Mouse. Chromebooks is where it is at for me.
  3. Re: Choosing an OS for a friend who has never owned a computer

    As said a Chromebook would be excellent or Xubuntu. I had this with my Father in Law. He falls for every scam ever. He had never used a computer before and wanted one. I installed Xubuntu LTS and...
  4. Re: What are YOUR standards for a computer/device?

    All of my gear is stuff that I have got that because it was being thrown away. My desktop is a 5th gen i3 with 8gb of ram that was going to be thrown out. My media server is a 2009 Acer Revo R3610...
  5. Re: Ideas for a lighter desktop environment?

    Bodhi Linux.
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    Re: Ubuntu Linux?

    They are all free.

    Xubuntu FTW.:D
  7. Re: Why do people say Linux can't sell on the desktop?

    But change is happening. Month on month Microsoft's market share is falling.
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    Re: Best Linux browser

  9. Re: Volunteers tailor Ubuntu Linux to UKs health service

    The problem here is the NHS' failure to either patch their systems and the fact they are still using Windows XP. I used to work in the NHS and when MS dropped support for it I predicted that the NHS...
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    Re: 16.04.2 memory usage - crazy high

    I'd be trying a different distro before I went shelling out on ram.
  11. Re: Best camera brand (photo, not webcam) for Linux users

    I've got a Fujifilm that works just fine.
  12. Re: Building an Ubuntu-based MythTV System Using Raspberry Pi

    From what I have read on the Kodi forums H.265 is now possible on an RPI3 with a suitable overclock. Not tried it myself as I don't have a Raspberry Pi 3. I didn't bother upgrading my RPI2 or RPIBs...
  13. Re: Firefox by far the best browser especially in a Virtual Machine.

    Interesting. I used to be a Firefox guy, but I find the interface clunky in comparison with Chrome.
  14. Re: Wohooo 10 years since I joined UbuntuForums

    Well done. I realised the other day I haven't had Windows for over 12 years.
  15. Re: Just a bit of news on W10, Dont Update yet:

    I think the best thing to do is eradicate Windows from all your devices, just to make sure it's safe.
  16. Re: It will be nice to have *buntu for RaspberryPI 2 B+

    Get a good PSU and overclock it.
  17. Re: Switching From Mac OS to Ubuntu! why or why not ??

    Exactly. At the end of the day a Mac is just an Intel based PC. It's selling point is that it has a OS specifically designed for that machine. Personally I wouldn't have one as I can't stand Apple...
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    Re: Have you tried RISCOS ?

    I haven't used RiscOS since the Acorn Archimedes. I have a Pi Zero sitting doing nothing I might have a play.
  19. Re: Switching From Mac OS to Ubuntu! why or why not ??

    I'd dual boot it.
  20. Re: How often do you do clean install instead of upgrade?

    I only use LTS and always wait for at least a month after it's release and do a clean install. Stability, I has it.
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    Re: End of Ubuntu Phone and Unity

    Then why not try one of the other DEs.


    I have probably missed some. But as I have read on these forums and others, Unity has been forked so will more...
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    Re: End of Ubuntu Phone and Unity

    Canonical was pushing nothing on anyone. Any user was absolutely free to use any other distro they wanted. Also when Canonical also supported Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, Kubuntu and Ubuntu...
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    Re: End of Ubuntu Phone and Unity

    Can't say I am surprised and TBH I can't say that I care overly much. I used Ubuntu prior to Unity and when they changed I used Unity for a bit and decided it wasn't for me, so tried Gnome 3 and...
  24. Re: if i read this book about wordpress will i be able to use the Rencontre plugin ea

    I have no idea as I haven't read it. When you read it come back and let everyone know if it is any good or not.
  25. Re: Do you update your VMs like the host ?

    The only VM I have is Windows 7 and I just let it get on with it when it fancies. Which is frustrating as when I next come to use the VM it takes ages to start as it is still updating itself.
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