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  1. Re: ipw3945 card not detected after 10.10 AMD64 install

    The first line is the CPU and memory handler.

    The Ethernet controller and wireless controllers are on separate lines (02,09).

    Did you try looking at the drivers for those, or try using the...
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    Re: very big problem!!

    If you cannot see any wireless networks, then you need to connect to get the drivers for that as well.

    Did you try connecting directly to your router? Most wireless routers have an Ethernet jack...
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Maverick Meerkat 10.10 64bit Edition

    Throws a module error on boot, but does not affect the system in any way, so far as I can tell. Everything works: sound, graphics, webcam,...
  4. Re: First ZaReason laptop that's actually tempting...

    That's what the OEM install is for. LOL.

    I'd stay away from the Gateway. I've had a helluva time getting Ubuntu to play nice with my 6860FX.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Does your Ubuntu looks like this :(

    Ah, he's a vegetarian! :P
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    Re: The verdict against the piratebay

    This is actually the correct interpretation.

    I saw a good term for this today: downlifting (downloading + shoplifting).

    That's what bit torrenting mainstream media is: taking something you did...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: What's my best option for using my iPod Touch in Ubuntu?

    Actually, OSX and iPhone OS are both BSD based. They both run a hybrid kernal called XNU which is part MACH and part BSD.

    No idea what iTouch runs.

    By all...
  8. Poll: Re: What Star Trek invention would you like the most?

    No deflector dish? How are you going to solve the plot without a well placed tachyon burst from a deflector dish? :p
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu For Home and Business (Ultimate Beginner)

    Did you check the community documentation?
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    Re: Turning down a job for Linux?

    I see nothing wrong with turning down a job because you want to use Linux. If you feel that strong about it, then it's not the right gig for you. Kudos.
  11. Re: If you'd go to war, and you could choose ANY weapon, which one would you take?

    Seconded. :)
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    Re: Japan vs Germany cars, which are better?

    I would buy Alfa, but I would never recommend them. Well earned reputation as problem children.

    But...oh the lines. The performance. The fun of never knowing if it will start. :)
  13. Re: can i run ut2004 on linux if i buy it through steam?

    Just to correct something: Steam holds the keys for the games your's in the game properties somewhere, I just do not remember where exactly.
  14. Poll: Re: Chrome License Sucks

    I uninstalled as well, then realized: I use Google Docs, GMail, Google Notebook, and Blogger, all of which are covered under the same TOS as Chrome.

    So unless you completely forgo Google for your...
  15. Poll: Re: Chrome License Sucks

    It is the same as the rest of the TOS.

    See section 11 of this page:
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    Re: Gateway P-6860FX & Linux

    I have one of these. Fantastic laptop for gaming...for Linux? Not sure.

    Desktop Live CD runs well on this, but the disk does not configure the video card correctly, so you are stuck with 800x600...
  17. Re: Anyone know a media player with the following traits?

    Exaile and Amarok both do this. Can Banshee do this by plugin?
  18. [other] Re: Can you run video games like normal on Ubuntu?

    Wine and it's siblings translates Microsoft specific calls and translates them into something that Linux can understand. It's not as simple as it sounds. For example, audio calls made by the game to...
  19. Poll: Re: Did you eventually warm up to the Human theme?

    I've grown to like it.
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    Re: Ubuntu forums

    To your first question:

    Why vBulletin?
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    [ubuntu] Re: what is ufw?

    ufw is Uncomplicated Fire Wall, and it is basically an easy, paired down, method of creating iptables firewall rules. It's more like an interface to iptables than a replacement.

    Firestarter is a...
  22. Re: Quick Question: Who Handles Social Networking Marketing/Support for Ubuntu?

    I dropped Jono a line a couple of hours ago. Thanks for the responses all!

    What I would like to see/do:

    Dedicated Ubuntu FriendFeed Room.
    Someone Tweeting Ubuntu news in Twitter.
  23. Re: Quick Question: Who Handles Social Networking Marketing/Support for Ubuntu?

    Done and done. Seems like the Media Relations and Marketing Teams are sort of floating directionless...the Media Relations page in Lauchpad is editable by anyone that wants to edit the page. Very odd.
  24. Quick Question: Who Handles Social Networking Marketing/Support for Ubuntu?

    I love Twitter. I Love FriendFeed. I love Plurk. I get into all of these cool tools...but when I search around for Ubuntu Groups, Teams, Rooms, or the like, I find nothing.

    Who handles...
  25. Re: Will Linux ever have a decent (native) bittorrent client?

    rtorrent. That's all you need.

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