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  1. Poll: Re: Do you put filter paper in your French press/cafetiere?

    No need for a filter, and no need for a press. Pour the grounds, pour the water, (making sure you add your sugar and cream before you add the water), and then gently stir for a couple seconds, and...
  2. Re: Old/crappy pc/laptop users, come chat and share here!

    Well, it depends on the site, but YT seems to work ok, but my old Dell laptop w/ 233 PII and 160M of RAM did fine with Puppy Linux and Mozilla w/ flash. Ubuntu brought this laptop to its knees,...
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    Poll: Re: Star Wars fans: I need an opinion...

    You are correct, these are just films--nothing more. But they are, in their own way, art. Art's purpose, at least in this realm, is to be viewed and appreciated as the artist intended. Some artists...
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    Poll: Re: Star Wars fans: I need an opinion...

    Episode numbers started with the very first Star Wars, but the name "New Hope" for ep. IV didn't come until later. and no, I didn't read another 4 pages of to see if anybody else said it. ;-) Sorry....
  5. Re: MAC vs Ubuntu (Minus Third Party Software)

    Actually, in Tiger and Leopard, you can invoke Spotlight, type the name of the app (or partially) and hit return and it launches. No mousing necessary. And I haven't brought up QuickSilver, because...
  6. Re: Old/crappy pc/laptop users, come chat and share here!

    I think on that processor, you would be better off installing a command-line Ubuntu, and then adding xfce or icewm as window managers, and build up from there. I did this on a 366mhz Dell laptop, and...
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    Re: So I used Gimp today...

    It's still lacking one thing for me--16 bit support. Doing any real editing with a mere 256 shades of grey will leave gaps, and create banding, etc. It is not every day I need 16 bit, but when I need...
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    Re: Good electronic music

    Andreas Vollenweider, Don Dorsey, Tomita are three old-school that are also good. I think the preferred term for these guys(first and last) would be "space" music or new age, though. Don Dorsey does...
  9. Poll: Re: What's the difference between what Microsoft did and what Google wants to do?

    IIRC, the problem with IE and Windws was not the integration, per se. It was the fact that Microsoft was using its monopoly in the OS to leverage itself into an area where it did not have a monopoly,...
  10. Poll: Re: CNN - Odds Are Stacked Against Chrome OS

    I think that's because they weren't supposed to be treated as full-blown computers. You were supposed to just use what was installed, and be happy--and update it when necessary. My wife has had her...
  11. Poll: Re: How Google could take over the market share with Google Chrome OS

    But I. on the contrary, would prefer to pay full price for my phone, and pick and choose my data and phone usage, and pay just for that usage. But even if I chose a plan and free phone, that is...
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    Re: Looking for a very particular theme.

    I'm partial to ShikiColors myself. I believe it has a purple them that will go with your stuff.


    or here:...
  13. Poll: Re: Will you be using Chrome OS?

    Since my computer is an MSI Wind, I most certainly will install it, if I can, and play with it, but since I need my computer for real work, I doubt I will use it much.

  14. Poll: Re: Google's Chrome OS

    But on the other hand, IIRC, Google was quick enough to give up data to China, so they could stamp out supporters of democracy. Google is _hardly_ innocent and noble here.

  15. Poll: Re: Anybody here use Apple or Windows along with or other then Linux?

    All three. I have a Wind with all three, including VirtualBox running Windows (that means two Windows installs). I only use Windows for Publisher files (hate Windows and Publisher--but one must do...
  16. Re: Who decided to make everything black on white?

    You got it. The black on white actually comes, IIRC from the Xerox PARC project that sparked the original Apple and Lisa interfaces. So, blame Steve Jobs for yet another thing. ;-)

    As to the white...
  17. Poll: Re: Google's Chrome OS

    I think that this bit is the biggest part of the announcement--or at least has the potential to be, yet every time someone has mentiond it on this thread, it's been all but passed over!

    I know...
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    Re: Photographer Talk

    I'm not exactly sure what the two have to do with each other. I mean, is not Photoshop a "pro" tool? I've been using Photoshop since version 3 or thereabouts. This is how you do things in Photoshop,...
  19. Re: System 76 Bringing it , Starling NetBook.

    I don't think it's much, if any thicker than others. Comparing the sides to my Wind, it looks about the same, and at 2.6lbs, it's certainly not on the heavier side of the Netbook curve. I think the...
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    Re: Photographer Talk

    Somehow, I get the odd impression that this post (quoted above) is nothing more than an ad. It touts Windows-only software, is the first post, etc... Just FYI.

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    Poll: Re: Is your PC on dual boot?

    I said "No" because I triple-boot. Actually, I dual boot, most of the time, only not Windows. I put Windows back on my Wind simply because my new hard drive could hold it. I wanted it for the oddball...
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    Re: Marathon Aleph One

    Unfortunately, my install of AlephONe got hosed, so I can't check it in person, but I think you need to copy the whole folder to the AlephOne folder. Make sure it's a simple game, and then, IIRC, you...
  23. Re: Safari 4 released, it is almost identicle interface as Google Chrome

    Actually, it's still there as an option. Look in the prefs. I'm not sure where, because I'm not using Windows, but I saw it when i installed it on my Wind the other day, and turned it on.

    As to...
  24. Re: Safari 4 released, it is almost identical interface as Google Chrome

    This is one of those things were you have to look below the surface--beyond the obvious to understand what's happening. You see, Google Chrome is not yet available for the Mac. It's vaporware. What...
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    Re: Most beautiful place in the world?

    Man, my first thought, reading the title was that it was impossible to declare the most beautiful place in the world. I've done a lot of traveling, and I've seen a lot of beautiful sights. In fact, I...
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